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reel repairs

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by KnifesEdge, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. looking for a place to have reel repairs done . Toledo are prefered .
  2. What kind of repair to what kind of reel?

    I do a lot at my home. Just finished on my Quantum BlueRunner surf reel. Took it down to a bare frame. Removed all factory grease and oil. Polished the bearings and polished the gears to a mirror like finish. Getting ready to do the same to a garcia 5000 baitcaster.

    The Quantum is like silk......Super smooth!

  3. Diawa Magforce Procaster PMA10S baitcaster

    auto engage does not work right , spool "clunks" jerks when line pulling out

    Also need parts for Diawa 47LC
    the nuts that adjust the free spool tension located on the end of spool on side .
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  4. If you want, the auto engage thing is just a spring problem. You'll find with almost every reel that is supposed to do something when you turn the handle.......whatever it is supposed to do is 9 x's out of 10 done with a spring.

    this happens a lot with the old Quantum baitcasters and some reels with flippin' switches. Quantum is general always seems to have problems with the internals of their reels.

    With the Daiwa spool tensioner.....I'm sure if you emailed them and asked they would send you one. Most companies don't hesitate on small parts like that, if anything it would cost $5
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