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Here's the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say...

First of all, the 'image' that has been put online could be technically called a fake because it is not the original but a scanned image run through OCR, converted to PDF, then optimized, and finally viewed in Illustrator. All of that can corrupt fonts, skew lines, and generally "falsify" the image by such malipulation. The data is correct, but the image has been massaged and cannot be represented in court as an original.

That having been said, the attorney's challenging Obama's right to be on the ballot had dozens of "experts" lined up to testify that the "image" had been manipulated. Attorney Hill for Obama simply stipulated that they were correct, but that since a birth certificate isn't required, the point is mute.

The judge agreed.

Try it yourself... take an official looking document, scan it with the OCR feature on, save the file, convert it to a .pdf file, then optimize the file, and finally view it in Illustrator and you'll see for yourself how the document gets changed.

The originals that were picked up in Hawaii and certified by them, however, would be admissable in court, if need be.

There is no "smoking gun" here. Just the right wing blog-o-sphere grasping at straws.
Time will tell.

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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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