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Rattle snakes !!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by rack addict, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. I have heard from several differant neighbers and logging friends that have encountered more than usual numbers of RATTLERS this year.:yikes:
  2. timber rattlr's?? where abouts??

  3. Big blacks all I seen, I dont want to see no rattlers

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  4. mrex

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    I've never seen a rattle snake in Ohio but damn if we're not covered up with copperhead's in this part of the state. This one was run over in the road by my house last night.


    I see more copperhead's in this area than any other kind of snake.
  5. What are they doing with the ones they're seeing?

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  6. Thats the last ting i wanna think about when im sitting in the woods...

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  7. Me too, makes me not wanna scout as much

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  8. A friend of mine coon hunts alot in scioto cnty and he has found 3 this summer while hunting.So if they tell you that there is none around, WRONG and they are protected in ohio so you have to let them slither away out of site into the dark.:yikes:
  9. Ya'll just be glad you dont have any like this. I was putting out cameras the other day down here in Alabama and about stepped on this guy. Just over 5 ft 13 rattles and a button. BTW I am 6'4. He had about 6in of his head missing. :D He did taste pretty good though. They are not protected in ALABAMA!!!!!

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  10. I'll just say this.
    I have a lot of experience with timbers. I've tracked them for the state using telemetry and I've messed with them for years and I've never ever seen an aggressive timber. They are very docile, even when handled. Most bites from venomous snakes occur in folks 18-35 and alcohol is a factor, as well as the person handling the snake or trying to kill it (I believe 80% of the bites are on the hand). Now, I've walked by, stepped over and stepped on a few in my day without any issues. If you watch what you're doing, you'll be fine. If you happen upon one, give it space and take pride in the fact that you're seeing one of the rarest animals in Ohio. Don't try to kill it, first off its against the law and secondly they DO NOT want to bite you. Trust me, I know.
    They should be headed to their dens, if not already there and underground by the second week in oct. Once they den up, they stay underground until as early as late march, depending on the weather and then periodically go in/out until the weather is stable.

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  11. Very good advice, let me say this the only reason I killed this snake was the fact the my younger brother and niece were playing in and around the cow pasture that I killed this guy in. He really did not want anything to do with me. Plus my younger brother thought it would be cool to eat snake and have a snakeskin tanned out for him which we both did. Now on the other hand in Alabama we have the meanest of the mean, a cottonmouth or water moccasin. These things get killed w/o a question asked. They have a horrible temper and are just plain pissy. I have seen several big rattlesnakes this year down here. We seem to have plenty of them would ya'll like some?:D
  12. i sure would like to try and eat one
  13. If they're not protected, I have no issue with killing them. I've killed copperheads, cousins of the cottonmouth) at my place for the same reasons (kids around), but they're a dime a dozen where they're found in Ohio and pretty bitey if they feel threatened, especially at night, but for the most part, they want to avoid you.
    I've caught Eastern DB's in fl. They've all seemed to be fairly good natured, but the cottonmouths are a bit different. They tend to hold their ground more so than most venomous snakes. their defense mechanism is their "cotton" mouth and will mock strike when threatened.
    Any snake, if treated properly will usually not try to bite you. I've messes with most every snake in Ohio and I've only been bitten by racers, garters and water snakes, but it's usually after about 5 minutes of handling them, then they get tired of me and let me know.
    I've eaten a couple rattlesnakes (all found DOR (dead on road) and one copperhead I killed. Its a decent meat.

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  14. Being originally from central WV, ive found that timber rattlers are actually pretty mellow...they just dont like getting stepped on. Copperheads tend to me much more moody. Early June thru late Sept is their busy season.
  15. think i'd rather take my chances with the snakes then the ground yellow jackets...:yikes:

    dang them snake skins sure would look nice on a bow...

  16. Agreed!! Setting up a stand several years back and punctured a hive with the ladder...not a fun day. Did have some fun with areosal hornet spray, some flames and a .22. Nice little boom to spray the whole area!!
  17. Thats what im talking about. Erasol Bomb !!!!!!!:):):)
  18. yellow jackets are the worse

    I have gotten into a nest of yellow jackets the last two years cutting firewood. Chased the lab and me up to the house. I got stung twice after getting in the house. hate em. I worry about the kids. told them to run like hell.