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Rabbit and Beagles

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by Rod, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. I'm just getting back into hunting rabbits with Beagles and was wondering if anyone new if any beagle clubs near the Dayton area?

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  2. Darke county has one....

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  3. We have an AKC club up around Ft. Recovery. Bout an hour from Dayton.
  4. I am just getting back in my self. I live in Belmont if you want to run together sometime. I'm looking for more ground Caesers Creek's rabbit population is low and my normal place is too dangerous now due to traffic.
  5. Kind of funny to see R and D kennels on here. You see, I know of twin brothers that named their kennel R & D. Both members of my club. Ron was killed in a tractor accident at the club a couple of years ago. Don is still an active member. Don runs traditional brace beagles where Ron ran the gundogs. Don is a hoot as was his sorely missed brother Ron.

    Sorry for rambling off topic. Just felt I had to share that.

  6. No need to apologize for rambling. It's nice to share stories of things in common. I came up the the name years ago because My name is Randy and my Wife and sons' name starts with D. The D could also cover the Y in my name as in Rand>d(y).
  7. R and D kennels, are you from belmont in dayton ohio or belmont county ohio?

    I have some property in belmont county that borders states property also. If your in the area and would like to do some rabbit hunting, P.M me.

  8. Hi Jay

    I live in the Belmont area of Dayton. I do know the Belmont county area though. I have family in counties surrounding you.

  9. The Darke County Beagle club is no longer an active club. They still have land, but there is not "club" to speak of. I don't even know who to talk to about getting one started again. Any one have any ideas?

  10. I believe most registries want at least 15 members to issue them a charter. Where do you live ? If close, I would be willing to help organize one. I used to be a state chairperson for a national sports organization at which I brought back to life,so I have experience with such endeavors.
  11. R&D I would be in if you are going to try to start a new club up, just message me and I will get you my info so we can talk

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