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Quick Climb from

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by J.Decker, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Check it out, this thing is awesome. It may be the best twenty bucks you spend this season if you use a climber.
    Note: I am not affliated with in any way. This is just a cool product that will save loads of time and noise getting up and down with a climber. They will work with most major brands API, Lone Wolf, Summit, Ect.

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  2. that doesnt look to be safe...:D

  3. You're only using it while going up and down. When you're in your spot, you tie off to the tree like normal. If you fall while moving, your strap will pop out of the clips and cinch to the tree. Inertia, gravity, and your weight do that for ya.
    If you go check out their site, they explain it all and how it works a lot better than I can. The video I posted just shows it in action.
  4. Looks cool I personally don't attach my self to the tree while I climb . I know its a little scarry

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  5. Hope when/if you fall the seat doesn't follow you down and split your head open.:yikes:
  6. 1st why be in a hurry...slow down,be safe and be quiet...i dont use a sit and climb but with my hand climber i try to keep the loop cinched around the tree as i can get it on the 1st bite...i dont ever let it get to where the stand level is or close to it...that will cause a jolt that can injure you badly too...i'm in no hurry...i keep the teher attached to the tree as high as i can from me...that thang there defeats doing that...besides as one said being attached to the cables that could cause all kinds of problems...hope this company has great insurance...not for me...i want that tether as high as i can get it for most of the time...its just better to go slow when climbing...its not for me...:D
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  7. Agree.... the slower the better
  8. I use to feel the exact same way. Figured, it couldn't possibly happen to me. 20' up in the tree, I attached the top part of the climber, went to sit down to bring the bottom up to myself again. The top slipped down and slammed into the bottom and backwards I went. The only thing that saved me, was my ability to wrap my legs and lock my feet into the upper support. It was all I could do to even pull myself back up while hanging backwards.

    I'm very fortunate to even be here. I would have landed head first. Needless to say, I will never get in another tree again, without being attached to it. I was 30 years old at the time, and was in no rush, just going through the motions.

    To each his own, I just wanted to share my story.
  9. Anybody that climbs, be it a climber or to get in a fixed position stand without being attached to something like the tree with a tether belt or a lifeline is just asking for trouble. Its too late to figure that out when you are laying in a hospital bed. Dont take that chance.
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  10. I completely agree I hunt alone on my property, a mile from my nearest neighbor and if I were to fall no one would find me for quite awhile, thats why I constantly tether. As far as hunting alone I know its dangerous, but my wife and nearest neighbor know the.area I hunt and they both know that if I dont check in by 9 p.m. every night im in trouble

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  11. WOW! You guys crack me up...

    I think the thing is a great Idea. If I can get up the tree a little faster I am all for it. It's not like I am climbing a rock face. It is a tree I am attached to a safty harness with my feet on a stand and my hands on the stand.

    This will be the first year I have ever used a safty harness. That's 20 years of just being lucky.
  12. Not bashing this product. Directed to people that climb and hunt with no harness at all. I dont use a climber. I hunt during the week by myself. Weekends I hunt with a friend. I have never fell, or even came close. Every stand we hang is equiped with a lifeline. So if ever I did fall I am not gonna go very far.
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  13. I get the safty side of things but sometimes people on here just go a little over board. Not tieing in as you climb up the tree is not that big of a deal as long as you tie in as you face the tree when you reach the hieght you plan to go.. I have used a safty harness just when I gun hunted so I have used them. Again I get the safty side of it but man.LOL Anythig can happen in a tree but when I am up there I am very careful. I am scared of heights. I actually look around the ground so I know what is down there just in case I do fall I doun't want to land on a half a tree. Then again I only get at tops 20ft up. Like I said I am using one this year....
  14. If a person dont wear a harness I could careless..Your a adult etc etc .I have not worn one once and it was a 12ft 2man ladder and my strap was to short for the huge tree..I am nervous in any stand even WITH a top of the line harness..Climbers with my HSS tether was never a issue as far as speed,but maybe Im a lil slow:irked:.

    .If i recommended one 20$ climber add on it would the Stabilizer straps..Some stands come with them(plastic buckles on most)..But I would invest in the Third Hand archery stabilizer straps
    They are built great 100% in america and if your unhappy he will take care of ya 100%...Once you at your hunting height you lock them down an most climbers are rock solid from it..They double as dual climbing tethers,and triple as straps to pack your gear to your climber an cinch it all down tight....

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  15. those stabilizer straps are pretty cool...i've had that happen with the top getting bumped and moving.....good idea...
  16. For the record, I almost fell while climbing up the tree. I thought there was no chace I could fall if I was careful. Anyway, it turned out to be one of the prongs that connect to the tree had bent up, not allowing the stand to get enough bite on the tree. Was a freak thing.

    The stabalizer strap is nice, but I've only ever had the top drop on me once while standing up to take a shot. Now I'm more careful. :)
  17. all one needs is a bungy for the top section...(hand climber):biggrin: