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Questions about stand's .The anwser's should help us all..

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Wildman18, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. What would make a stand an morning stand and what would make a stand an evening stand?

    How often do you hunt a stand? What if it is a hot stand on a ridge top? Do you hunt a stand more in rut because of location/funnal/pinch point/edge of bed's?
  2. Will taking a doe in the morning at a stand hurt your chances of taking a buck later that day from same stand?

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  3. I killed a doe at 7am and a P&Y buck at 7:10
  4. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    One reason for morning & evening stands is daily thermals. Normally, morning temps increase causing your scent to rise. So with this in mind, you would hunt ridgetops or higher ground as your scent typically will rise when there is no prevalent wind. Thus, when evening temperatures drop, your scent is then forced downward. This is the time to hunt low land areas and ravine/hill bottoms. One point I want to mention about ravines... wind can be swirling and hunting a bottom where ravine points come together can be bad as your scent will roll or circle about.

    As far as killing a deer where one has been recently shot... it is my opinion that it may cause deer to be more curious, but if you haven't left alot of human scent in the area, it should not be a factor for you to kill another deer.
  5. Darron B

    Darron B Banned

    I typically view evening stands around food. If you walk through the feeding area in the morning you will jump deer in the dark. Most of my evening hunts I try to hunt around food or very close to it. My morning sits I try to catch deer as they make their way back into the timber from feeding areas. I try to get close to bedding areas and sanctuaries I have established.
  6. mrex

    mrex Staff Member Super Mod Mod Premium Member

    The "thermal current" dilemma is actually a little more complicated. Deer are most active at first light and last light. On a calm morning, cool air continues to sink until the sun rises and hits the forest floor. This usually takes place an hour or two into the hunt. And the temperature often doesn't start to drop until the sun has set, changing the thermals again midway through the afternoon hunt. This problem is also affected by which side of the ridge you're on. The east slope sees the sun first and the west slope sees it last.
  7. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    That makes very good sense. Thank you.
  8. hmmm thats impressive but was the doe tagged...:mischeif:
  9. i agree...i also have another lil twist to that...deer are more alert after a days rest(none rut)and less alert after being up most of the night feeding and socializing:D...making them a lil more vulnerable in the morning...i've noticed many times that deer posture in morning is head held high and in evening its lower and more tired out look...:biggrin:

    as for shooting a doe than a buck from the same stand,same day...if its during the can be hunted with no problem because bucks could be around later thats never been in that spot before...bucks really cover a lot of ground searching for or chasing doe or following them back from night feeding/socializing areas...
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  10. Not sure what you mean "was the doe tagged" ????? :confused:
  11. In Ohio if you shoot a deer you must tag it first then you can shoot the second...IMO I dislike it when questions of that nature are asked after someone shares/post something related to the thread.. But thats just my opinion.
  12. Has to be temporary tagged before hunting another

  13. Ok.. now I understand the question.. Thanks for the clarification... I guess I should have mentioned it was in GEORGIA and that this will be my first year ever hunting in OHIO
  14. Thats kinda like your kin not having WRITTEN permission aint it?(remember)...Ppl in glass houses etc etc..

    Great thread topic btw
    (Sorry for the off topic part of the post wildman):D

  15. ha ha ha

    No Prob. OMO

    A lot of guy's don't know what an morning spot or an evening spot really is or means Now is a good time to remind or get reminded what they are and why....

    I know I have hunted a spot in the evenings but desided to hunt it in the morning. On my way 50 yd's from the stand all I hear is a herd running over the hill. LoL it sucked.. If you have any new spots is when this info is even more important...

    What about these question's How often do you hunt a stand? What if it is a hot stand on a ridge top? Do you hunt a stand more in rut because of location/funnal/pinch point/edge of bed's? And last of the questions Do you walk in farther in the morning or the evening or it doesn't matter?
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  16. To me it all depends on the ways you can enter the woods. On the main farm I hunt it is very very hard to get into the woods at all without bumping deer I the morning. I think I've killed one deer there in the morning bow hunting, and haven't really seen many. So now I will rarely If ever hunt there in the morning.

    I also agree with the earlier post about hunting food in the evenings and trying to catch them in route to bed in the morning

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