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Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by cambridgezowie, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Just curious, How do you guys/girls,set your broad head on an arrow. Or tips and tricks what not. What is the easiest way you found to get your blades to line up with your fletching.

    Sometimes they line up right off the bat. Others it seems damn near impossible to get a good set. I'm willing to eat some sh.t on this question no look forward to it.
    I'm also willing to give a big fat high five and a thumbs up. To somone who has a close to flaw proof way. Anyhow just thought I would ask.
    And yes I have a broad head tool that slides on broad head. I'm sure most can relate to what I'm saying. So with out further with due.... enlighten me..:D
  2. two ways...

    Rubber o ring

    put a field tip in and lightly heat the point with a torch or lighter and pull the insert out and re-glue it. I will say this i see no benefit and also asked an old timer who works on bows and he said its not necessary.
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  3. Depends on the type of glue that the insert was installed with. Most diehard archery guys will say a tuned bow doesn't need to have any alignment. For me I shoot expandables
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  4. You need to attach one of the broadheads you will be shooting when your inserts are being glued into your arrow shafts. Then you can turn the broadhead to align with your fletchings before the glue sets up.
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  5. I use the o-rings as well. I don't worry if they are slightly off. Honesty most shots are so close I don't think it would make a difference.
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  6. miketruax

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    I shot fixed blade for 12+ years and used to be a little bit crazy about it....first I would weigh every arrow, then fletch...weigh again, then weigh broodheads with inserts attached...once I had matching combos I would glue in the insert with the broadheads screwed in the inserts to insure proper alignment. Then weigh again,number and shoot. Now I shoot mechanical and don't worry too much about it
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  7. I'm shooting mechanicals this year.
  8. going to the dark side of the force!!!! looks like I am the lone ranger of fixed broad heads.
  9. i shoot fixed for compound and mechanical for x bow.
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  10. thank you! someone else is with me!
  11. I'm still on the fixed blade wagon with ya brother, i shoot Montecs and love em!
    They will plow through both shoulders at 30 yards when needed and still stick a foot in the ground on the other side.
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  12. I'm fixed blade lately. Look into the WAC Ems fixed blades. Much sharper than monetecs. I used to use them too. WAC Ems are much sharper and fly perfect too.
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  13. I shoot fixed blade from a crossbow through the window netting of a ground blind. Mechanicals are not recommended (prohibited?) for doing that.
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  14. well good! now we can start a group, I thought I was alone. all my buddies that hunt have gone mechanical. they give me crap but fixed are cheap and work like a charm. I won't be using anything else for a long time.
  15. TBH i don't trust any expandable other than the rocky mountain/bass pro gators, Nap sling blade and killzone. all the springs, washers, etc is just too much to go wrong. Give me a sharp 3-4 blade fixed head any day of the week.
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  16. I don't think the reasons apply with today's arrow/broadheads. Make sure when you install the insert the broadhead is used to do it...or file it down till the head rotates into place...or use loctite and stop where you want...or just screw the threads up just before the head and have it hard to screw in.

    Does every head seat the same...if not just swap heads till you get it right.

    I'd say...if it matters...something else is the the arrow.
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  17. Fixed broadheads for me. I like innerlock tunable broadheads. Same guy that engineerd muzzy I believe.

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  18. I shoot fixed blade broad heads from my x bow . Slick tricks and thunderheads . The slick trick 125 gr 4 blade I just screw them in tight and go . When I shoot thunderheads 3 blade 125 gr I use a O ring to line them up . POA is the same with both broad heads from my bow . I have never found a need to shot a mechanical .

    CZ , why ask if your go with a mechanical broad head ?
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  19. Well even with mechanical you have blades that stick out.
  20. I have been told that if your arrows are tuned it don't matter . But I have found for me if I'm shooting 3 blades they seem to fly better when they are in line with the fletching .
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