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Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by timberbuck81, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. fellas, whats the chances of harvesting a good buck around oct 10th week around hocking county, im from out of state and thats the only time we can come to our friends farm. Is that to early? maybe some pre rut could be happening. thanks for any advice!
  2. Pre rut is sources will be best


  3. Food is best but anything is posible

  4. I've harvested some of my best bucks during that exact week! 170 incher couple yeras ago!
  5. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Not my favorite time to hunt. If you believe in the October lull, you will be hitting it in fullswing.
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  6. Seen many good bucks that time of yr. also have harvested a few during that time. I think the oct lull coincides with Indian summer. Meaning. If u get warm temps you see less. Just seems to happen in middle of oct more times or not
  7. It's all about the weather . But have seen a few bucks that week. Plus the leaves will be changing and dropping . I love mid October u may see more than u think stay positive

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  8. thanks for the input, good luck to all!
  9. Hunt the food sources. You can't kill anything if you are not out there.
  10. Yep. Funny thing about food, they gotta have it.

    Doesnt matter what time of year it is, they gotta eat.

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  11. Darron B

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    I usually see some decent bucks when fall turkey hunting during that time range. However, not my fav time. You're about 14-20 days early. From 10/20-11/15 is when I start getting pumped.