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Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by maytom, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. What are the spring dates for your Ohio spring season? Is there a deadline for getting your permits? Just curious.:confused:
  2. spring season is

    April 28th to May 25th

    I assume you could purchase a permit at any time.
    I could be very wrong about that though


  3. Your right on the dates and you can buy the turkey tags up to and though the opening season.
  4. read up on it, you can obtain spring permits beginning feb 15

  5. Desperado

    So looks like we will be making some plans in Feb huh ;)
  6. Is there a limit of permits to a county or to the entire state?

  7. Ill double check

    Hey Jason I think it is one or 2.. Ill find out for sure. Ive only went for fall season and stopped when Ive gotten 1.
  8. its 2 per person in the spring, but i want to know is there a rush to get permits? or are they sold to anyone that wants one?

  9. No Hurry

    THere is really no hurry they go to anyone who wants them.. There arent really all too many people in Ohio that hunt for turkey yet compared to other animals. There is no limit for the state of county if thats what you are asking.
  10. No prob

    Hey did you catch anything after you left from Huron.. We didnt make it down to where ever you were fishing.. You missed it lol I gave bags of deer jerkey away.
  11. no didn't catch anything, but it looked real nice!
    Sorry i missed out on the jerky, better luck anoher time.

  12. and they were goood..mmmm mmmm :D i need more.. :)
  13. Hi ya maytom:D (WorthlessNut here;) )

    Yep they are correct on season and tags . I always wait until the Friday before the regular season starts to buy my over the counter tags. I buy 5 of them at that time. (Wife,3 sons and I)

    If you plan on doing Ohio this spring let me know and I would help you out as much as I can.:cool:
  14. Nut, glad to be a member here. I have been thinking of hunting your fine state one of these springs. I just might take you up on your offer. A special thanks for all the replys as well.:)
  15. Yes, zfish...we will be getting some limb hangers for the table.;)