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question for the Erie guys

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Flatheadmaniac, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. When the EYES stop running in the Maumee, when do the Whitebass start running..i hear that time over laps some?
    I was just trying to get a time frame in to get on some of that WB action ive heard about up there(never fished that stream before).
    I have some buddys that have never caught WB's before and was looking at putting them on some awsome fun..
    just incase some of you dont know friends and I "catch & release" ALL gamefish so any info. you can give me will be put to FISHING & CATCHING....not killin!
  2. Personally i never wb fish, got some friends that do the bay in the spring and they alawys do good. She usually wades into the bay and cast rooster's. Hope that helps some

  3. not really sure

    I think the white bass come in when the water temp hits 50 to 60 degrees.They spawn in warmer water than the walleye.(42-48 deg.)I know in Lorain at Hot Waters,they are fishing for them in the middle of May til mid June.
    They use agitators and little spinners.
    Good Luck
  4. thanks J

    I was looking for which month they typically start to run(here locally its mid-april) was'nt sure cause Maumee is a lot farther north if they started in may or april.
    If you have never fished for WB's or are trying to get someone "hooked" on fishing, then WB's are the only way to go..lots of action(which is important to beginners and catches of 100+ a day are common.) and they are easy to catch.
    I do use Roostertails , Vibrax's and Husky Jerks if im targeting big WB's, but for numbers i run a double or triple rig with either white grubs or my own hand tyied hair jigs thrown on 11ft light action rods to get distance.
    Thanks for the info,
  5. Scott ..

    The start of the main run for W-eyes is March/weather/temp/flow? Many jacks stay in the river all the way to GR dam long after the main run ...

    WBs .. main run/water temp ~ 1st/mid-April to mid-May with plenty into summer, but not the no#s as with the main run.

    Just check the MBs or Toledo Blade Outdoor section on the timin' of the WB run.

    I've been below the GR dam fishin' with 3 jigs on & caught many tripple headers like you guys do Skippys down on the Ohio River. We used to luv to toss them over the dam by the hundreds to swim on up to Independence dam. We kept them once a year for Dads smoker ~ 3 of us would get around 400-500 iced down in a day & that would be it for Dads favorite smoked snack. ~~ the above took place in the 60-70-80s till Dad got too old to do the 48 hour salt brine/smoker thing.

    Good Luck ~ ya really don't need it!

    PS .. there will be a good chance of a few sUMo S-bass mixed in when usein' jigs
  6. Thanks Gator & Ray

    Hey Ray i knew you'd be the one with the info.
    Yea ive had those days on the Ohio where triples were very common..sure wish we had some of that kind of action here in Columbus.I did get into a bunch at deercreek the past few years, but with everyone keeping them the size of the fish only run 8-10" mostly.
    I hit Griggs one early season and got into about 50 of them in a few hrs. but again very small 8-10"ers cause of the keepers taking thier toll.
    I know Greenlawn gets a pretty good run and i have seen some of the nicer 12"+ WB's from there, but fighting that crowd of stringer full idiots is not FUN for me.
    I have heard from buddys of mine that go up and fish for eyes during the run at Maumee that as the eye run slows towards the end the WB's come in and run big like the Ohio r. WB's im used to catching(14-17"). i just figured since most of the visitors to the maumee are there for the EYE run, that maybe the crowds will be smaller during the WB run???
    Thanks for the info Ray

    I have fished oshay for WB. use blade baits either castn or verticle jiggn. Since im 2 hours South of Erie dont want to drive up for WB, plus i focus only on Eyes that time of year!!
  8. Be careful using 3 jigs on the maumee, certain restriction apply from like febuary first to ????? I don't know the rest, but check to make sure. The white bass didn't show up until i left school last year which was around the 15th of may. Thats not to say that there weren't any, but not in great numbers, the walleye were still going in may.

    Check out this site for some regulations

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  9. blocker

    Thanks i will for sure check the Regs. on that river before i go..thanks.

    tahoej, its cool man..i understand..."to each is own"!
    I have fished for EYES one time up off of South Bass Is. one Nov. at night..caught them up to 9lbs. was the last time i fished for them...not my cup of tea..again to each is own,
  10. Oh dont get me wrong love to catch all species of fish. Spring time is for the Eyes, since i got a Sumo 12lb10oz, i cant focus on any thing else. But youll see me @ oshay, buckeye, alum fishing for the wb! Maybe i need to hit Erie this spring when the Lakes to rough for my bad knee!! At least ill be able to walk the next day!! :D :cool: :D
  11. the mouth of sandusky river is a pretty good spot as well.. one of my friend have a campsite in the area..many nice whitebass was caught.. the size do varies.. but it was fun..
  12. Flaheadmaniac, check WC, GFO and probably here in the sprng when the eye action heats up on the Maumee -- there are quite few regulars who give daily reports and they will, I am sure, mention when the bass show up. Like Ray said it is April to May depending on conditions. I use to fish them but just can't remember when they showed up -- early stages of oldtimers I guess :) Huh Ray :)
    They are a blast and once in a while you get a couple eye jacks for the pan!!!!
  13. Hi Scott,

    Long time no talk. Good to see your name in lights again.

    I know how much you enjoy the whitebass in Deer Creek, you'll love the Maumee. A lot of non-stop action with some nice sized fish. When I used to fish the river it usally started mid April and got really good the first couple weeks of May depending on the weather/ water temp.

    I haven't fished the Maumee in years. Now when I want to catch some whitebass I just fish the power plant discharges, but this requires a boat.

    Have fun on the Maumee.

  14. Lake Erie Guys

    If you want to fish the Maumee River.Use this site here will tellyou whats in and the condition of the river.The best White bass fishing in the river I found is at Fort Meigs Park.