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Question for duck hunters:

Discussion in 'Ohio Waterfowl Hunting' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Why do some calls cost near $100 and over? Do they sound that much better or are they made of different materials?
  2. Good question was wondering that my self,I got a knight and hale call up at cabelas for $5 bucks and it sounds good to me.

    Now i know with the goose calls the more you pay for them the better they sound also the cheaper one it seems like you have to blow into them harder than the more expensive one but i'm no pro at this yet but still working at it.

  3. Yeah, some of those cheap-os are a bit challenging to figure out. Sounds like someone ran over a sax player! I guess it's the same as buying a $150 reel instead of a $25.
  4. I think it has something to do with durability. The cheeper ones don't last as long or keep needing to be tuned then the more costly ones. I have a k.&h. magnum clucker and a big river flute for geese. And I have about 4 different calls for ducks. Lomans duck call, big river wood duck a h.s. 6 in 1 and a call I got from D.U. I use just a few of them but its nice to hane back up. Good hunt'n and good luck!
  5. I'd like to have one of those $150 calls to see if they are really that much better. Though I know I'd just end up dropping it in the drink eventually.
    I will say that there seems to be a quality difference between a $10 call and a $40 call. Anything over that, I think is just for guys who are in to calling contests.
    If you ever find an Illusion duck call, get it. $20 and the thing makes "chuckling challenged" guys sound REAL good. It's a short little cut down thing so it kept freezing up on me this year, but man does it sound sweet. Just gotta keep it thawed.
  6. That's what I would be affraid of, dropping it in the water. I guess if it's made of wood it shouldn't sink?
  7. I have had better luck with the wooden ones then my plastic. The plastic frezzes up to easy
  8. The cheaper calls are that cheap. lol I have calls that are $5 to $125, the materials are different some made of better hard woods, but most of them are acrylic, they dont freeze up, you can blow throw them with all you got and 99.9% won't lock up.
    I was using a hydels dr-85 great call, but then I bought a cutt down acrylic $70 from gander mountain and love it, so then I bought a foiles timber rattler and love that one too, its good for open water and close in, what ever you need it for.
    I believe that if you spend $300 to $1200 on a gun, the best decoys,waders,and shots shells you should also buy the best calls you can afford. Now don't get me wrong I have every call glynn scobey make and I use them, I just think the acrylic calls sound great.
    Just my two cents.
  9. There are several reasons those high priced calls are priced the way they are. First is simple economics. Folks want them and thery are not mass produced. Supply and demand. That however is not the major reason. The folks that make these high priced calls use alot of R&D to develop calls that sound better than those walmart calls. I used to hunt with a big river. Killed lots of geese with it. Show up to hunt with us now with one and you'll have to leave it in the truck. Once you begin practicing to be as good as you can be on a call wether it be duvk or goose your taste in sound quality goes way up and there is no turing back. You will never convince me any DR-85 or wench etc. sounds anywhere near as good as a timber rattler, Jim King, McLemore, Gaston, etc. The biggest reason those high dollar calls are wrth the money is you have them forever. Put them on a quality lanyard like a Bolen and your grand kids will hunt them. Need a tune job? All the top of the line call makers will re-tune your calls for free. Go to a show and they'll be there. All those call makers also have Pro Staff like myself. Send it to me or stop by the house and I'll tune up any call, not just a Foiles. Got a question about calling call the maker or a Pro Staffer. Try getting that kind of service from walmart or even cabelas. I now cabelas sells high dollar calls I think you should buy them at shows where you can actually blow them and see the maker face to face.
  10. how much is in the materials to make a high dollar call???
  11. The materials is not much but finding quality CNC shops with qualified operators adds to the cost.
  12. I think somebody already said this........."because call makers can get $100+ for their calls"!

    Hougan must be a call maker :D he makes a good point about quality and service however. It's the same thing when you talk about $5000 dollar (and higher) shotguns or $500 fly long as we have guys capable of buying them they will be a market.

    I hunt geese, ducks, turkey and even deer with a 10 gauge and people are always asking me.......Isn't that expensive to shoot? Isn't it heavy and doesn't it beat the crap out of you? The answer is yes, yes and yes but it's wacko's like me that give ordinary people something to talk about!:D

    I do reload for my Mighty-10 but only light loads like 7-1/2 shot dove loads!:D
  13. I like my 10 a lot, but not enough to shoot it for dove hunting!! I have never heard anyone shooting a 10 at doves. I bet you can kill them suckers 70 yards. My 10 is strictly a turkey and goose gun. I'm getting ready to by a SBE for an all around gun for everything.