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Question for all members???

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Flatheadmaniac, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Was there some big football or basketball game on tonight?
    I heard guys talking about it, but wasnt sure what they were talking about?
    Heck since i dont watch football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer or even that NASCAR stuff..wasnt sure what all the talk was about?

    Soory just get a big kick out of the hoopla everyone puts on about these sports..i cant stand to sit in front of the TV and cheer any team on im not personally on..or can an angler..i fish there for i am!

    Im planning on hitting the smallies next week to get my first 2003 fish under my belt..anyone else going out?;)
  2. EEEErrrrrrrr????

    OHIO STATE is the #1 Ncaa football team in America!!!! WOOT!!:D

  3. hahahaha, I sure had you pegged right.
  4. I don't know FM.......when are we going?
  5. I have to admit this, I would rather watch the Browns than fish:eek: :eek: :rolleyes: :D
  6. LMAO

    You guys are funny!
    Nasty..... right back at ya!Guess those that catch fish understand?

    BB, when ever man..i got LOTS of bait chillin right now!

    Jack...:( thats just plain sad.....i'd rather listen to my wife talk about stupid stuff(which is all the time) then watch ANY football game!
    Theres only one thing i'd rather do than FISH..and ive been married for over 9 yrs now and THATS getting old....a few more years and fishing will be #1:eek: :D :cool:
  7. What? where?

    smallies? hell yeah lets go. me- me- me I wanna go I wanna go! I think we all should head to Dale Hollow for a week. :cool: LakeRaider:""
  8. I'm with flatheadmaniac on this except for one thing. I'm a hunter (sometimes fisher man). The only sports I will watch are the ones my boys participate in.

    The guys I work with have learnt not to even talk about major sports with me. I always make sure I ask a lot of dumb questions. Like who won?:D :p
  9. That's hilarious "I'd rather listen to my wife talk about stupid stuff"

    That just makes me think of times when my gf is talking and I know she but I have her pretty much zoned out, then I get a "fine don't listen to me" or she'll ask me something and I'll just say yeah or "uh-huh"

  10. BB

    Your ready for marrage now buddy!

    Nut, man im with ya..the guys i work with talk all the time about the junk i listed above...i just shake my head and keep reading my fishing mags.
    If it wasnt for fishing, i'd be hunting!

    LakeRaider, buddy i say Pickwick dam..i hear them big 6lb + smallies start moving in about mid Feb?...i'll go with long as we can take one of your boats that DOESNT have a big block on the back!;)
  11. I saw an Orlando Wilson show once where he was drifting with live shad below pickwick and catching some big smallies and a huge drum.
  12. Scott, I have been married 5 years and "THAT" is getting really old also, I would rather watch the Browns than do "THAT" ALSO:D
  13. Nothing better than meaningless coversation!!!! It's a good sleep-aid:p
  14. Flathead "Maniac"

    In response to the off the cuff statement you made about not knowing that the Buckeyes were playing for the National Championship this past Friday..............You must have had your head under a rock in one of your secret creeks..............I managed to catch some nice creek smallies and watch football last week........Ill bet the Smallmouth alliance guys knew what was happening!!!

    You speak of "Hoopla " above..........Im sure some guys shake their heads at the Hoopla made about how expensive all your smallie gear is ................I just shake my head and grab my Shimano.........LOL

    Your Reputation from GFO proceeds you............

    Please dont take away from a Great Ohio Moment cuz ya dont personally like it.............

    An Opinion respectfully submitted
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  15. jack, with the way the browns played you were better off going fishing.;)
  16. hey Wise1

    First of all, the post was made in FUN..if you take it serious, thats your own deal!
    As far as smallies fishing..yea ive got a lot of high dollar tackle for them,so what? i also do for cats, carp and other species whats your point in bringing that up? Have you nothing else to complain about?
    Some let thier lives revolve around things like sports that they thier self cant ever play, or do, which is fine, i prefer things i can REALLY do and accomplish myself....not ride on hopes and dreams of someone elses and think of them as my own!!!
  17. C'mon boys take it outside..;) That is a dead issue. Let it go wise.
  18. Flathead, I am familar with morel hunting in Michigan, but not
    Ohio. Can you steer me to any productive areas?
  19. Oh boy, here we go with the arguing... I was wondering when it would start . Come on boys, can't we all just get along? Besides, do you think the fish or animals that we caught or harvested really care the method or brand names that they were caught or taken with??? Let's just all get along from now on ... life is too short, to worry about all of this.

    In good sports,

  20. Oooooooooooooops!!!!!!!! My bad on the last post, I guess I didn't realize that it's the "sound off" topic.