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Question about forums???

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by bks, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. Is there a seperate forum on here for bowhunters? Or is all the deer hunting combined on this one? I've seen mention of a "bowsite" in a couple of other threads.
  2. At this time is all together. What did you want to talk about?;)

  3. Bowsite is a different website. Just a warning bowsite guys for the most part are tradional archery guys with an elitist attitude. They are vicous in their replys and are not open minded. You cannot have an inteligent discussion with them. It is kinda like the xbow compound bow thread there. The moderators are delete crazy too. They deleted a duck hunting thread and my question about changing archery season around.

    I still visit but never post because I know I will be ripped to shreds.

    Here it is and good luck.
  4. Just thought of a funny.

    Gun hunter? You really shouldnt even be talking about deer season for 10 more months or so. Right?

    Just funny. couldnt help myself.
  5. Thanks guys, I did'nt have anything inparticular in mind Desperado, I'm just trying to find my way around this site right now. I guess I'll stay away from bowsite (for now anyways).
  6. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Just one forum. Anything else tends to be too divisive.
  7. I agree with steve. Separating them separates the hunters/ members of this forum.
  8. the forum called DEER CAMP TALK is a good one we are mostly bow hunters.its under whitetail deer huntin .come join us
  9. I agree with basementdwellers assesment of the other site.It is geared toward traditional archery but there is sort of a power struggle between types of archery equipment going on and they will cut your throat in a second to prove their opinion is the only one and to silence other opinions if it isn't the same as theirs.
  10. I just looked that site over, no thank you!
  11. What do you mean by "they" George? You have as many post as anyone on the Bowsite. "They" will cut your throat, seems a little confusing to me. It should read "George and his Shawnee wanna be buddies will cut your throat". Seems a bit hipocritical to participate so vigorously in the pointless argument between "traditional",which is a stupid term, and compound shooters and then come here and say "THEY will cut your throat". This is a nice site to come to without the nonsense.....just hunting, no stupid arguments, I for one hope it stays that way
  12. Guys, The bowsite is all about Pat, his direction, his financial gain from the site, and his self imposed and ever changing set of rules. There are a few very decent folks on the BS that I respect. All negativity stems from a few over inflated and self absorbed wannabees and moderators.

    The crossbow vs. stick-n-string vs. wheelie vs. smokepole vs. shotgun vs. rifle will rage on forever, i like to mess with all of the mental giants that down their brothers, I hunt! I'll take game with whatever legal weapon I choose, it's me's your choice. Those who oppose your choice would do better spending time afield rather that pampering their own egos.

    Sorry, just my $.02
  13. Bowsite hog wash,I would love it when those dudes would say something because i would rip into them just as hard hmmmmm maybe that why i got kicked off,But this sight is the ticket, one site dedicated for the "hunter" not the trad. shoot.You can ask just about anything here and get a up front answer not a bunch of crap that you did not even ask for,my answer to you would be to stay with this site.I forgot to mention there is a site just forarchery and it pretty much the same format as here and its called so info over there too.
  14. which one...

    Do alot of people still go to the site? I know that is where I used to mainly go until I learned about this site. It seems to have slowed down... At least in the Hunter's round table forum. Just wondering...

  15. fish ohio site is very seasonal. once deer season is over everyone seems to go away.
  16. brock'i speak my mind.I am into it as much with the elitist bunch and many compounders over the xbow being an archery weapon which I believe it is.I have even put up the proof that it is an archery weapon.To this day I have seen no legitimte proof that it is not an archery weapon.I believe it is called "archery season,"not" bow season "as many think it is called.Archery includes xbows,so they are in the right season,not gun season as many say it should be.The problem many compound ers have with me is that I say I do not like a cp and its high tech .I prefer the simplicity of recurves and longbows as we refer to as traditional.If its legal then hunt on.Now one reason I came over here is to get away from the snitches who cry to the site owner when they feel they are getting outpointed or don't agree with an opinion.LETS face it pat is more anti xbow than anybuddy.Remember the thread "the xbows are coming" pat started.So guess who he sides with. Now you had your say and i've had mine and my last say about this because i'd rather leave that over there.
  17. I am a regular user of the Bowsite forums. It is exactly what the title says. A site for guys that hunt with bows and arrows. A lot of guys that hunt with crossbows will say bad things about the site because for some reason they think they should be included as bowhunters. The site is mainly made up of compound bow shooters. The traditional shooters have their own forum and sometimes come over to the other forums. Just for the record, I use a compound with sights to hunt big game, before you guys try to label me. So, before you believe all the sour grapes, I thought you should hear an opinion of someone who visits both sites. Here is the link.
    I'm not trying to start world war 3 here but it seems the ones that have moved from Bowsite to are the ones that really got upset with the issues on Bowsite. If indeed you do hunt with a bow and arrow. Bowsite is the best for that type of info.
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  18. Dont know about that arrow 1 there is a lot more information being exchanged here than on the ohio page of the bowsite ever. A few heated discussions here but cooler heads prevail and the trashing is limited to the current thread. I have not seen a guy be pursued to another thread by an attacker here....yet.
  19. George...glad to know where you stand, sorry for the misunderstanding. Good to know we can come here, exchange good info and all be friends. As I have stated on BS, I hunt with a longbow as well as a compound, I dont howevever feel that my equipment choice makes me a better man than my crossbow using hunting partner. We are all in this together, I feel it is time to stop the STUPID arguments aboout equip. and put our considerable arguing skills to use where it belongs....with the anti's
  20. Basement, you are right. At the moment there is not a whole lot of info worth reading on the Ohio forum of Bowsite. Bow season is winding down and alot of guys are losing intrest right now. But, if you go to the main confrences over there, there is anything you need to know about hunting with a compound bow or traditional style archery equipment. If it is not there you can post your topic and I guarantee you, you will get multiple answers from people that know the answers.

    I think this sight is great, but as long as there is no specific area for bowhunters it will never be a great attractor of hard core bowhunters. Again I will say I think this is a great general info site!
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