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question about a fishfinder......

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by bulafisherman, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. Does anyone own or ever owned an eagle Z 6000 fishfinder? I`am thinking about buying a used one, are they any good??
  2. How much are they asking and what kind of fishing do you do?

  3. eagle

    it was on ebay, sold now, went for 56.00, I fish for bass, walleye, I`am looking for a finder, but not sure if I want to go new or used,I had a portable hummingbird tcr 101 sometime ago, wasn`t to impressed with it, it looks like they are making them with more features now than back than which was about 15 years ago, I kinda like the new piranha series,reasonablly priced anyways,any advice would aprecieated.
  4. the best advice I can give is DON'T buy a Humminbird!!!!!!!! Buy a garmin 100. Eagles are just a Lowrance without all the bells & whistles.

    I can gaurantee that if you buy a Garmin you'll be very happy with it. I have a 160 and it is great, never had any trouble with it.
  5. JUNK JUNK JUNK......Never had a customer buy one and be happy with it, either it just wouldn't work or stopped working and their customer service sucks, they tell people it's fixed and it isn't. When different customers would come in and say the exact same things, I got to the point when I could predict what customers would say when they began talking about their finder not working.
    I have one that came with my boat........only gets used if I forget my garmin.
  6. Garmin

    Garmin huh???? well I will sure to look into them with detail, I know that once I buy one I want to plan on keeping it for sometime, tell me all the pro`s about them bottombouncer, sell me on them..LOL really I`am looking for a finder that is relativelly cheap and still do the job, I`am one of those fishermen that is feeding kids and paying a morgage trying to watch my money,I have a few months to look into them before I buy,I have been looking on ebay but I`am a little reluctant to buy one off there without seing more than a picture.
  7. The biggest thing..............reliability. I have yet to be on the water and wish I went with another finder. The picture is clear and easy to read. Distuishing changes in the bottom is easy to read. It will show the thermocline and where the fish relate to it. Works great while trolling. The menus are easy to understand. For around $150 for the Garmin very tough to beat.
  8. I didn't know that about hunninbirds. I have the portable one that I have had for about 5 years and never had a problem at all with it,
  9. Garmin 160

    bottombouncer where do you find a Garmin 160 for $150.00?? I see bass pro shops has them , they are $199.00 there.
  10. I think I paid $169 for mine at Gander, that was before my discount.
  11. Yep

    I will definetly agree with the garmin. I got a 240 and i love it. Clear, easy to use, reliable. I've never seen a depth finder the i liked better for the money. It gets my vote. As far as price, Im not sure because i havent priced the 160 but whatever it is im sure its worth the money.
  12. Lowrance makes a good finder, I would buy one but they are a bit more money. I have heard that Raytheon makes good finders.
  13. I see Cabelas sells reconditioned Garmin 160`s for $159.00, just makes you wonder why they are reconditioned..........
  14. Probably the same thing they do with car parts, take out the main guts and rebuild it. They might be trades in or something?
  15. I stopped into Gander today, they have the 160 for $179 incase you're interested.
  16. I think any time a box is opened they have to put that on the box. Most stores have a no questions asked return policy for 30 days. So if you take it home, don't like it, and take it back. They are sent back to the factory, retested, cleaned, etc. Then they repack it, put in new transducers, manuels, etc, and sell it as reconditioned. At least that's what I always thought, same thing with computers. Of course, there's warrantee returns too, I think alot of those are simply user errors.;)
  17. You could just go for the works and get a radar unit, gps and sonar!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had a boat large enough to have radar.
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