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Pymatuning and Misquito lake ice fishing

Discussion in 'Ice Fishing Ohio' started by vc1111, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. Anyone fish either of these two lakes?
  2. Fish both Pymie and Mosquito.Have been fishing Mosquito since Dec.6 (safe ice) Went out Sunday and we just slammed the Wallies. My buddy and I each go our six. However we had to go through a bunch of little ones to limit out. Ice was a little shaky Sun. and was cracking under our feet walking out. There wassome open water Sun. but the ice was 4". Not really good ice. Went out again Mon. evening and got 3 keepers,again it was a bunch of little ones. Ice was making all kinds of noise,which means it was making ice. There was a heck of alot more open water Sunday. Its going to warm up Thurs & Fri and rain,so I think I'll wait till it gets cold again. Dont have a death wish.LOL
    Pymie was froze then after that warm snap got bad,haven't been there yet!

  3. Keep me posted on the ice conditions Dinky. I would appreciate it very much. I cannot wait to go!

    What baits were you using?
  4. VC,
    Hope you dont mind the abbreviation,but have been getting them on 1/2oz Gold,1/2 Gold/green Vibees. Also Grn/glo,Blu/silver No 4 jigging Raps.
    Three guys went in last night,ice conditions have really deteriated.
  5. Thanks, Dinky.

    Do you have a buddy that works at Gander Mountain? He gave me a report and described the exact same lures that his buddys were using on Misquito very recently?

    The number 4 jigging that the smallest one they make?

    Please keep me posted on any reports you get on the ice conditions.

  6. VC,
    I am the guy you talked too,however I always give my info out in the second or third person so as not to look like a know it all. I fish alot and what I tell is the truth. I will tell you where to go,lures etc. Just getting a report back saying IT WORKED,is a pleasure.
  7. VC,
    Forgot to answer your question No.4 is the next to biggest.
  8. Wow, that is very interesting. What a small world. I appreciated the info at the store and I appreciate your followup help here. Please note that my email address is available here. I will definitely report back and share my info and results.
  9. Oh, and don't forget the tip I shared with you at the store about suspended walleye at misquito.
  10. Vc,
    Hoping to be back on the ice by next week-end. If not I will go North,either Ontario or Quebec
  11. You will enjoy the ice fishing up north.
    I have made the trip several times and each one was an adventure.
  12. Went up to Simco twice last year and a trip up to Lac Simard.
    Probably do the same late Jan. or Feb. I'm going to hang it up at Gander Mtn. even though its only 2 days a week,it's getting old. Probably quit mid Jan. Cant work forever.LOL
  13. Too many guys coming in asking for ice fishing tips?:D

    Looks like we won't have ice any time soon around here.

    I wish I could head to Canada for a few days for some ice.

    If you go, shoot me an email and let me know how you did.
  14. well hows that ice on mosquito lake now?
  15. I haven't bothered to check really. Yesterday I passed over a local reservoir and there were huge areas of open water.

    Need to sub zero stuff to get things hardened up I guess.
  16. I have this posted on GFO.
    Theres lots of open water here & what ice there is, is snow covered & slushy. But there are some open spots that can be fished from shore.


    This is the north side of the causeway under the bridge.

    This is the south side looking east towards the bridge.

    This is the south side of the causeway looking west. The whole parking area on the south side is open to & under the bridge. Watch your footing if you go, the rocks are ice & snow covered.

    This is at the cemetery parking lot looking north.

    This is at the cemetery parking lot looking south.

    Heres the spillway &

    below it. This can easily be fished from shore. The water is clear & the gates aren't open very much.
    These photos were taken on 1/4/03.
    Bass DAY
  17. Mosquito Ice

    Was out walking around on the ice today. Ventured out about 100 yds,Ice seemed to be safe. Didn't drill any holes to check thickness,but it supported my measly 165#. Should be fishing Sun. or Mon.
  18. Please email me if you find safe ice (3 to 4 inches or more).

    I love icefishing but my butt puckers up when I get on thin ice.:eek: :eek: :D
  19. Thanks for the info, Dinky.

    I was catching the crappies on pin-mins and maggots...they were suspended about 3 to 6 feet off the bottom in about 18 feet of water.
  20. i would think its froze up now real good.were those pics of mosquito? i have never been to either lake.