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public land?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by mossyoakgirl, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. I am again hunting public land this fall n maumee state forest. Anyone have tips on it??
  2. Find the oaks

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  3. not sure bout how many oaks are there but thats about all there is in the place i hunt so that doesnt help here...i'd be looking for trails,beds droppings,tracks at road crossings and rubs,also large open areas where they may feed at night...rubs should be out there now...good luck...:D

  4. I hunt there regularly as many seasons have you been hunting there?
  5. Intersecting heavily used trails, funnels, and rubs.

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  6. I don't hunt Maumee, but when I'm hunting a new public area I like to pick a few places and walk the borders when scouting. Look for heavy trails leading to and from the public land, especially if the area is hunted hard by a lot more hunters. Finding alternate entrances into the woods also helps.
  7. This will be my second yr. Wht part of the forest do u hunt?
  8. Hunt the middle of the week and don't thumb tack any trails leading to the tree or area you hunt. When I hunt the MSF I try to be in my climber and settled at least an hr before sunrise and if I am hunting an evening I try to be in by 1-1:30 PM because all the morning hunters are gone and the 2nd shifters have not gotten out of work. I like it when they push deer to me.

    Good Luck
  9. good advice ...our area is very large but i always show first timers to our camp by driving the entire boundaries and all the pull offs on twnshp roads(gravel)...then the next thang is to know where all the foot paths and forest roads are and where they go and intersect...almost all of these trail entrances can get you to the same place thru the system in the forest...that way if your pull off is taken you can get to your spot from another pull off...forest topo maps show all these roads and foot paths in the forest which of course is closed to vehicles...its very important to know this imo...:biggrin:
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  10. Well my prob. Is I wrk 3rd shift get off @ 6:30 am and can't be there before sunrise. And by early afternoon I am gettin ready to go to sleep. Where can I get the topo maps??
  11. You can google the name of the public area you hunt. When the results show up, in the first two or three results will be maps. For topo, you may need to specifically google topo maps for that area

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  12. MOG, topos will reveal nothing of interest for you in this area of the state...they don't call us flatlanders for nothing....the best thing to do is get out there and put your feet on the ground...I hunt the lucas properties the most and I know that some of the horse trails were just mowed before the start of the squirrel season...take your scouting clothes and gear to work with you, after work go straight to the woods and get to scouting...this is the only way to find the deer...unfortunately, when you find all the deer sign you're looking, others have been already been hunting there for years and make it difficult for newcomers to ge a spot...if you hunt during the week though your chances of success will increase 10 fold...

    I wish I had private land to hunt but since I only have the MSF and other public areas to use, I am actually enjoying this more than I originally thought...the forest system is great and I have been successful every year on MSF...there is plenty of deer out there to be harvested it's just a matter of putting in the effort....It will also pay dividends if you can get out opening morning and see where everyone else will be parking/ have to scout what other hunters are doing as well as the deer...You will find, that any scouting you do now will only show the deers pre-season patterns...a lot of the other hunters I see regularly just want to be in the woods and shoot a deer, and they screw up the deer pattern big time....hunting an area with the wrong conditions, bad hunting skills and pretty much a slob attitude messes it up for others...that is why, I believe, you must go where nobody else is hunting or where nobody else will go...the last line is the best advice I've ever heard about hunting public land and that is why I still pay attention to what other hunters do and go where they won't be.

    Good luck,MOG, feel free to pm me or ask me any questions about MSF and your scouting and hunting experiences out there. Some people make it more difficult than it really is.
  13. Good advice for any place you hunt. Go where others will not.

  14. Once the pre-rut and rut get rolling getting into the woods just after daylight will be fine. I have sat all day at times in the MSF during this timeframe and saw deer all day long. Good advice on going where others will not. Find the spot that looks to thick, full of briars or fallen trees to penetrate. Most likely not many will enter that area and if you can take your time and pick your way in they can produce.
  15. If you're getting in the woods late, take it very slow when you walk. Don't be in a rush to get to your spot and stomp through the woods. I would hunt thicker areas of the woods as well because in my experience deer will venture into the open areas in early morning but late morning they will move to the thicker areas. They won't necessarily be bedding down though, just moseying around feeding in more cover. If you can sneak into an area like this quietly you have a good chance of catching one moving around late morning.