Public Land Parody!! Ahhhh!!!

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    Photography by O.S. member Wildlife, it reminded me of this morning!!

    It was a cool late October day, deep in the woods ahead, my climber still hangs at the base of the red oak!! This is one of those public land spots I have to play offense and defense on!! In early October, the pre-pre rut rush starts in the big, deep hollows of Zaleski state forest and hunters, planning on catching the heat up of he rut, start scouting the brush and hanging stands. The pre rut rush can be devastating to this place!! Two stands cover two ends of a long winding ridge above an old railroad valley. The stand closest to the road is an early stand. It is hanging in a saddle, covering a white oak grove below a major clear-cut!! An old logging trail snakes it's way in and around points off from the main ridge above. All the while the trail is snaking back and forth, it also is climbing elevation!!! The white oak stand at the bottom, and you guessed it, the rut stand in the red oaks at the top. A huge travel corridor through the clearcut is in reality, the same logging road being used by the deer. I hunt the white oak stand in the bottom early, because hunters across the old tracks, across the big hollow, will come from all around the country to park and use a main access road!! In a week, the deer that haven't came across the beaver ponds and tracks toward my stand, have went out the mouth of the large hollow, across king hollow road, onto private ground!! Either way I'm still in the game!!

    When the white oaks start to loose their taste, the deer will stomp them to get to the grove of red oaks on the other side of the clear-cut, they just have to walk up the logging road, through the cut and voila! When I start to notice the shift, I move to the stand on the ridge above. The problem is I must start parking in a different area. When I do this, sometimes guys tend to jump into the bottom. By now, my " I'm Hunting Close" laminated signs are out but still, you never know!! The guys I've met so far, that have read them, are cool and turn around. You get to know the regulars in an area as the years progress, but there are always those first timers!! The signs can be easily missed in the dark hours of the morning. I had an encounter with a man from North Carolina the morning before. That's another comedy itself!!! He was a stand up hunter though. He wanted to hunt somewhere away from others so I hooked him up with a good spot close by!! The next morning I get in early and decide to park the Honda at the bottom. Only adding another half mile walk to the stand. So as to lessen the chances of another human encounter.

    After the first half mile, I'm resting at the bottom of the three hundred yard, straight uphill access road, that I will soon go up. Preferably at a steady pace!! Buckeyesblitz58 has been up it with me before. Ask him it's a good hill! Im late and daylight is no hunters friend when he is not in his set, so I make quick work of the hill. I slowly make my way out the ridge, like a ghost, to the stand. it's still dark somewhat, and i know deer can see flashlights, so I don't use one!! I use my already adjusted eyes to get everything up the tree and ready, so I can step in the climber and get closer to the sky!!! Soon I find myself about 18 feet above the ground as I hang my bow, rattling antlers, grunt tube, and finally slide into the climber.

    I watch the late October woods wake up!! Leaves of red and yellow litter the air between the top of the trees and their bottoms! Squirrels hoard their nuts and some does make the way through, munching on the red oak acorns all around! Then I hear it, around a half hour After sunlight, horns hitting hard!! It goes on for a few minutes then stops. Twenty minutes later, there it is again!! After the third set I am sure it's a hunter. I walked a half mile up a gravel road, to keep parked in the bottom and someone still got in there, probably blocked me in, and now they are blind rattling on the edge of the cut!! I find myself aggravated at the whole situation, the second morning in a row with another hunter upwind!!! I slide down the tree and start to head around the cut!! With the wind in my face, I can sneak right up on the point where the racket is coming from! If it happens for a miracle to be two deer, I'll have the advantage!! An hour later I'm giggling laughing at two, one and a half year old bucks trying to learn their craft.

    It turns out, it was two bucks sparring. The breaks in between were because they were chasing each other in circles around the white oak stand until totally exhausted!! Next, they would call a truce, rest, drink from the spring, then go right back at it!! I slide literally within fifteen yards of the two young bucks, downwind the whole time, and watched them butt heads for two hours! It was something, seeing these bucks really trying to learn how to defend their honor. Happy with the outcome of the hunt and realizing that my stomach is screaming for lunch, I head back out the bottom, toward the Honda!! Twenty minutes later and the car is in sight!! I relax, loose the stealth walk and start blundering out the last two hundred yards of the trail!

    I stop around fourty yards shy of the Honda!! Nature was calling!! I lay the bow down. Then I find a tree to hide myself from motorists, and do number a number one!! I zip my pants, turn toward my gear, and thirty five yards away, standing five feet from the Honda, is a nice mature buck!! He was pearly white, tall, and handsome!! I did my Statue of David impression but it was to late, he was eyeing me and I wasn't even drawn back!! Heck I didn't even have the bow off the ground yet!! Im sure he heard me coming for two hundred yards, probably thought it was an elephant. I could only watch him walk away!! Trapped, Frozen in place, and whispering under my breath, "I'll see you again big boy, count on it!!

    P.s. never seen that buck since :) BS

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