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Public Land Bow Kills

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by ds_woody, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. After reading an earlier post, Let's see some of your public land bow kills. I was thinking about hunting some public land around Ross County this year, and was just curious as to what kind of kills to look for on public land. Thanks, Stacy
  2. Shew your trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip lol I beg for pics of the public deer all the time, past or present

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  3. i got a nice buck 10 point 2 yr ago on public land by Glouster ohio

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  4. Guys there is bigger deer killed on public land than most on this site has killed. Do some research on the net. 170's tons of them. 180's every year. Some true hogs killed on public land. Boy on tranquility killed 180's with double drop. They are all over the state of Ohio. But put in your time and footwork. Sometimes it purely luck. No one is gonna tell you the magic spot. Big deer are earned. Good luck
  5. That's a nice buck Bikertrash. I have a private farm to hunt in Clillicothe but I know there is a good bit of public land nearby. I was just curious as to what kind of deer to expect on public land or the caliber of deer roaming the public lands. I'm from North Carolina so I have no idea what you could possibly get into on those places. Thanks again. Have a Blessed day.
  6. DS Woody,

    Just be ready when one walks out and don't look at it's rack if he's a big boy. Pick out a spot in the kill zone and let her fly. Go crazy after he's down on the ground. You will love hunting Ohio.

  7. Here are a couple....


    The one in the middle.

  8. here ya go

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  9. more deer camp(wn)...big boy bucks...:mischeif::bouncy:
  10. mrex

    mrex Staff Member Super Mod Mod Premium Member

    Louisiana hunter Chris Brazzell killed this net 190" typical on public ground in Ross County a couple years ago...

  11. didnt this guy come up with his pastor or something, and he was bummed he was hunting public land then he ended up killing that one?

    I thought I remembered that story.
  12. 2009 8 pt
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  13. NICE!!!!! Keep em coming....
  14. Yeah he did and it was around nov 12th. I read that story last year. I Think he was from kanssass
  15. Right, I'm sure.

  16. ain shawnee in ross...:mischeif:
  17. Noit's in Adams Co. and Pike Co. I think..
  18. Adams/Scioto.
    It sucks. The Wayne is where to be!
    Ask for Coon.

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