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Kentucky's youth season was this past weekend and I was able to take the boy to Cave Run for a golden opportunity to bag a Tom. Saturday morning we were set up on the opposite ridge from 7 gobbles, and after about an hour of calling I was able to bring in 2 nice Toms down through the hollow and back up our side, one I would call Tomzilla without a doubt he was the largest bird I have ever seen in the wild he came to within 5 foot of the decoys and the boy chocked he couldn't pull the trigger and the bird spooked a couple of seconds after walking up. He moved out about a hunderd yards and gobbled at us for the next 2 hours. Only to let a Jake sneak in on our blind side and stay hide. That was just the beginning of the day we were able to work another bird for about an hour but he wouldn't cross the creek and we changed locations twice until he got board with us and boogied up the side of the mountian. We took to some road hunting for the next 2 hours stopping where there was a trail cutting off the main roads walking back looking for active birds to find none. At about 6pm last night we made our last stop and walked back a trail about a half mile off the road to find a pond and a open field on top of a ridge. It looked like a Tom heaven Butterflys and bugs everywhere. I set up and started calling to have 7 Toms start firing back, at about 745 last night it was starting to lose light and one of the birds had moved about half the distance between where he started on the other ridge to where we were and roosted. Starting early this morning to protect our spot 5am we walked into the woods and set up. I waited until well after sun up and after him gobbling for the past 30 mins to make the first call and the hills erupted with the beautiful music of adult Toms everywhere there must have been over 20 Toms all around us gobbling. The bird made a bee line to us and got within 10 foot of the boy and gobbled I think he had to change his drawers he jumped about a foot. The Bird hung there on his side and would not come into the lane for about 15 mins and then putted. My heart fell out of my chest this bird was heading out. I fired up old faithful and another bird behind us started gobbling and headed our way as well as this bird going away. Every time the new bird would gobble I would answer just to upset the first bird, and about 15 mins later both birds popped out the original bird let the wingman come in first and then followed. The boy opted to let the first bird in walk and took the Boss.

Things I noticed this weekend down there was that the Toms were teamed up in pairs or in 3s or 4s.
Saw only 1 hen in the woods.
Saw 3 hens in a field on the way out with 1 Boss Tom and 2 in half strut.
The Toms were not getting taken away by the hens this year. So if the birds are already on the nest I worry about being able to even get a gobble in 2 weeks.

This bird was a very nice one for his first Tom after taking more than his share of Jakes in the past years.
Weight 27.5 pounds.
Beard 11 1/4 inches
Left spur 1 1/4 inch
Right spur 1 inch

Boy got to experience a true Turkey hunt this weekend and God blessed us with this fine Kentucky beauty.


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