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prayers needed

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by browningrageone, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. just found out my friend fell out of his treestand today and they life flighted him . he wasnt wearing a saftey harness. i feel really terrible because i have an extra he wanted to buy a couple weeks ago and i really didnt want to get rid of it ,wish i would have.please everyone even if you are just putting a stand up which what he was doing get you a harness or dont go up a tree
  2. Sorry to hear that... I will

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  3. just ot an update he has a broken back and they are doing surgery and he can move everything so that is a plus
  4. Sorry to hear man, glad he will be fine
  5. This happened to me last November 15. No more physical labor from here on out but I would never know it happened now.

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  6. Sorry to hear about your friend. He is a lucky man and will have a long way back.

  7. Sorry to hear this prayers have been sent hope he recovers fast

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  8. Best of luck for a speedy and complete recovery for your friend! :)
  9. Hope ur buddy recovers quickly! My friend uses an old linesman's belt while hanging stands, his is worn & we are both looking to buy some. ANy ideas on where to get linesman's belts?? Watched him use it to lean back with ease while hanging the stand,,,they make it easier & safer; i was on the ground tying rope around stand for him while he just leaned back & rested. Can't imagine not using one for the effort it saves, he only uses it while hanging stands, then uses a full body harness when hunting...
  10. I guess there is a reason they sell them. Really hope your friend is ok. Sad that it takes someone getting injured to make some of us think and remeber SAFTEY first.:(

  11. my Hunter safety system vest PRO edition came with the linemans belt, I believe you can buy them separately
  12. Prayers sent. Be carefull out there everyone.
  13. He's in our prayers. Hoping he has a full recovery.
  14. This happened to a guy I know 3 years ago. He wasnt paralyzed but he still hasnt recovered completely. He was an independent trucker and had to sell his truck. He walls with a cane and may not get any better. He has a half million in medical bills. I will keep your friend in my prayers. Please everyone be safe. Your hunting time could be ended for the rest of your life.
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  15. Hope your buddy has a full recovery, messed up his season this year but hopefully he'll be back next season. we put up a couple Hunter Spec. Lifelines on a couple stands this weekend and ordered six more last week. $33.00 is a small price to pay to keep tied off and safe from the time you leave the ground untill you come back down. I'd recommend life lines for everyone.
  16. Sorry to hear about your friends accident. Glad he's going to recover, could have been worse.

    I like the Hunter Safety Systems products.
  17. Lifelines are the way to go. I make my own. When I hang a stand I use my linemans belt, then I attach the lifeline as high as I can reach above the stand and clip my tether strap to it and unhook my linemans belt. Then I step over onto the stand and make the adjustment height wise with the lifeline and cinch it down tight. After I get on the ground I tie the bottom of the lifeline around the base of the tree. IMO its the safest way.
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