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Prairie Dog Hunting

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Rick, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. Hey is there anyone here in Ohio that is planning to go out west prairie dog hunting this coming spring?

    I am going the last week of June for 8 days of shooting and hopping to make the VHA 2000yd down range club this year.
  2. Rick

    I have always wanted to, I have heard alot of great things about it, but so far I just havent been able to put it all together.

  3. PD


    IT took me about 4 four year of thinking about it before I jump right in and took off for SD then after I did it one time I was hook now I go every year.

    IF some day you think you are go start planning a year before you do go that way you can have all your reloading done and a place where you like to go.

    I hope some day you can try it.
  4. I have heard it isnt wise to go out without at least a couple thousand rounds and a handfull of rifles, sure sounds like fun:D
  5. PD

    We stay for 8 days of shooting at a time and I take four rifles plus 8000rds just to be sure I don't run out.
    I take a 22-250 bolt 223 bolt and a AR15 plus my 10/22.

  6. I'll be headed to South Dakota the last week of June. Remember me Rick (from GGVG). Ordered an 8" twist .264 Winchester Magnum barrel from Pac-Nor for my Savage single shot. Going to try for 1,000 yards...maybe more!!!!! I'm hoping the 140 grain AMAX's shoot well in this rifle. The BC is only very slightly less than the Berger 140 VLD and they're $5 a hundred cheaper. Hoping to see accuracy with velocity at about 3200 fps.

    Replaced the barrel on the .223 that I burned up over the past two years. Went with a 14" twist and I'm planning to shoot the 50 grain Speer TNT's and H-335 or Benchmark. Also got a Duramaxx stock for it from Lock, Stock and Barrel. If you have a Savage, this stock is a winner.

    Hoping to use the 22BR more than I did last trip. The BR won most air award. This one PD must have done three sommersaults (sp?) and went 4 feet into the sir. It was a spectular hit.
  7. PD


    Sorry about not getting back to you till now.
    Yes I do remember you are you going back out this next spring if so when are you planning to go?

    We are starting to make plans but I still have to talk to my buddy to make sure just when we are going so I can book are rooms.

  8. We are supposed to start shooting the morning of the 27th of June. Going to be quite a gathering too. Folks from Minnesota, Ohio, Louisiana, and Kentucky. All from GGVG too. We'll be out for 4 days. We'll be toting rifles from 17 Mach IV's to a single shot 50 cal. Going to be a great trip. If the shooting is as good as the fellowship, it will be a trip to remember.
    I hope I have enough .223 ammo....
  9. PD's


    Sound like you are going to have fun.

    My buddy that lives over in Plan City, Oh told me he like to head out that way on June 28th and hope to be doing some shooting on the 29th.
    We stay for 8 days of shooting before we start thinking about heading back home.
    I planning to take 8000rds this year but I hopping I can bring some home to shoot, I still have 1500 still to reload and I planning to do that when the weather brakes.
    Well I am going to trun in for the night so I will talk to you later.
  10. You guys are members of GGVG as well huh? I go there as well under the handle Hogchaser, sounds like you both got pretty good trips planned for this summer, try to save some for the rest of us who might not be able to make it out for a while.
  11. Lee in OH here. Will you be going to the BBB shoot in KY in May Smallie????
  12. Lee I have read about the shoot on GGVG, sounds like fun, I will have to check my work schedule..I work some pretty strange hours, I believe a friend of mine from GGVG (MLM) goes to them, I posted on there earlier tonight looking for opinions on the Remington Classic 221 Fireball, when they first came out I was pretty much sold on them, but I have heard mixed reviews about the quality coming out of Remington with these rifles? I want one but I am kinda sitting on the fence right now.
  13. MLM and I went to Wyoming last summer on a PD shoot. We had a blast. The KY shoot is a great time. Hope you can make it there.

    As for the .221 FB, the brass makes great .17 Mach IV's!!!!!!!!!


    I've gone to Savage, Remington has definitely lost a step. My favorite thing about the Savages (and what most hate) is the barrel nut. I can re-barrel my own rigs in a few minutes. Like a po man's switch barrel. The after-market parts are starting to show up too. Fred Moreo at Sharp Shooter Supply has it all.
  14. I exchanged a couple of E-Mails with MLM today..he is a bit under the weather, I have heard great things about Savage, a buddy of mine had a Stainless..Fluted model in 223 that was deadly, he ended up selling it..and didnt even offer it to me first:eek:
  15. Why, that's enough for someone to get booted off my Christmas card list for good!!!!!!!

    I've got a .22-250 Savage that is a fair shooter....
  16. I dont know..Im still asking myself that question:confused: but he had it traded off before I even knew what was happening, I told him that if he ever wanted to get rid of it to talk to me, can never have enough 223s.