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Possible Mountain Lion Noble County

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by digmed, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Crazy, creepy day. Definitely heard a big cat close.

    Hunting squirrels on B&N Coal land in Noble County. We located a huge cat track. Later in the day something takes off at a run and our first thought was deer. Although it struck us that whatever took off was big and it covered a large amount of woods in a very short time.....I can't say Bigfoot didn't run through my mind for just a split second....hahaha.

    Later in the hunt we hear a weird hiss noise. At least i didn't recognize the sound. Then a second large cat track. Finally.....the "purr". Low and slow rumble of creepy.

    Can't say for sure it was a mountain lion, but I'm not heading back to find out.

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  2. I own 376 acres in wetzel county wv... I'v spoted one three times... The closest incounter was in spring turkey season i had one come within 50 yards of me threw some thick brush... It must have been intrested in my turkey call... I let it pass by then got the hell out of there way to close for my likeing...

  3. I'm here in Washington county and have had 3 sightings over the summer and last winter, I assume it's all been the same big cat , well I'm hoping anyways. Twice it's been walking down the road and once while still hunting.

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  4. I grew in Noble and always consider B&N as part of Noble....but you're right, it would be in Washington County. This was on Buehls Run Road near Elba. We heard the cat near this location.....39.588947,-81.439698

    The second print was located near here too. The first print was further up the valley towards the west. Not far into the woods from the field.

  5. Not to sure how close that is to me, I'm about a mile from the river on Leith Run rd. new matamoras. I heard that big cats travel a lot, possibly the same one. It's kinda scary to think of a large population of them cats.

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  6. Only bout 15 miles or so from your location to mine straight through the woods.

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  7. Where da pic of da printz - dang :whistle::mischeif:
  8. Made a mistake on coordinates. I copy and pasted the wrong set. Update coordinates: 39.35'21.60-081.26'20.34

    The first print was about 600 meters west of the location on a set of side by side spurs.

    Id love to get pictures. But my boy said he'd never go back....hahaha. And I'm not going back until winter when you can actually see further than 10 feet in the woods.

    But by all means I'll give you directions to where they are...haha

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