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Possible lease opening

Discussion in 'Land Sale - Buy - Lease' started by jaaronnut22, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. All, the club I am part of has potential openings for 2018. We have discussed two types of memberships based on interest. The properties are in Morgan and Noble counties. The acreage is over 1000 acres. The first is a full membership for every hunting season, small game, Turkey, deer, etc. The second possible type is for all deer gun seasons and muzzleloader. We have an established camp with power and a common area for cooking. It is tough hunting but there are many big deer. My average for my 7 bucks is 138. The money we make isn't for any profit it just pays our bills. We have had several people retire and move out of the area so out membership has declined. We are looking for someone that fits in and likes to have fun and is good in a group setting. We will have approx 12 total members so there isn't much pressure. If anyone wants to discuss you can send me a PM and I will give the pricing info and any other details you need.
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  2. Wish you were closer to me JA!! I'd might have to take ya up on that offer!! You guys seem like you have it together!! Hard to find a group like that now adays!!

  3. You should post some of those pics!! You have taken some great bucks there!!
  4. When I get some time I will post. Thanks for the kind words. The thing I like best about our group is that we all hunt different and we all still get along. In the 11 years I've been there I can only recall a couple small issues but I hear horror stories about other clubs. Our core group has been together 10+ years. I think our shortest tenured member is 5ish years. We don't share all of our Intel but you can guarantee if someone needs help for some reason everyone jumps in. I do caution that just because it is great ground doesn't guarantee a kill or even seeing a shooter. We have multiple guys that haven't killed in a decade. 3 of us average around 75% success.
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  5. That's pretty darn good success rates!! You either know Whitetails or you don't I guess!! If you don't, you can always learn!!!
  6. Some of us are just lucky

    If I could give one piece of advice to people it would be spend more time scouting than you do hunting. I'm not talking about pre season going in to hang stands. My best spots are found in Feb and March. I've got less than 10 days a season to hunt so I need every sit to be meaningful.
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