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Discussion in 'Ohio Traditional Archery' started by coonskinner, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. dang just removed a big pc.of moleskin off the window of this bear grizzly(56")...and a sheen of glue remained...still sticky i wondered how to remove it...its possible its been on since 1969...anyways wendy comes to the rescue making me a big bowl of buttered i look at muh buttery narly fingers i wonder...will it work...i do know that the grease in kfc chicken will take anythang i rub it over the glue and presto the glue is gone and a great shine ...wendy told me it was real butter...i bet eating kfc and rubbing the grease on woulda worked too...heh heh heh...:D
  2. GOO GONE is what I've used to remove sticking stuff. Sounds like the butter and salt worked to.


  3. Goo Gone is some good stuff
  4. not sure if theres goo gone in the house...but i thought of goin down an gettin some wd40...i think it might work too...but with butter on the could save a trip to the garage...and it did...:D