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Laws Designating Do's and Don't of Off-Roading

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Sure why not hold them acountable for the damage they cause. I think that they should buy a plate like a car so you have a number on a plate to give police when you see them damaging property and trying to run off like most of them do.
I know there is plenty of good folks riding ATVs out there. BUT my only experiences with them have been bad, Scaring off deer in the winter and scarin the fish in my favorite smallie stream in the summer.
I am with Desperado, they should be held to account on any damaged they do, and should obey laws that forbid ATV riding in certain areas.

We already have trespassing and property damage laws in place. If they were enforced we wouldn't have a lot of the problems.

I think every ATV should be licensed and carry a big visible plate number. That way all we need is number and let law track ATV enthusiast down.
Takes physically chasing them out of the equation, which is the main problem now.

Another problem is ATV abuse is the Norm instead of the exception. I feel for the few responsible users out there because ignorance by majority is ruining it for everybody.
The majority of ATV riders seem to have no respect for property, be it personal or public. What started out as a great tool has become a general nuisance.
I don't mind ATV riders except for when they trespass or ruin the land, which I had a few problems with this year (trespassing that is). And, it was during bow season!
They should make them have plates so they can be identified and charged. Also the money from the plates should go to the ODNR so the lic. fees don't increase. Sounds like a way to keep money in the ODNR.
Yes it does sound like a good idea, but I doubt it will ever happen.
It would if the right people pulled for it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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