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Police: Petrino didn't want 911 call-

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I think Petrino just wanted to show Jessica, who he hired last week how to ride his Hog?:yikes::biggrin:


Moments after their motorcycle accident, Bobby Petrino and a female employee told a passer-by not to call 911, then got a ride back to Fayetteville where the Arkansas football coach was met by a state trooper who provides his personal security during the season.

New details of the immediate aftermath of Petrino's crash were in a 911 call released Friday by the state police. The passer-by, Larry Hendren, describes coming upon the accident scene Sunday evening just after Petrino and Jessica Dorrell ''were getting up out of the ditch.'' He said Petrino was ''walking, but it looked like his face was bleeding quite a lot.''

''The rider and the passenger of the motorcycle declined us to call 911,'' Hendren told a dispatcher. ''They got into a vehicle and headed toward the hospital.''

Petrino was taken to a Fayetteville intersection by another passer-by. There, Dorrell left in her own car while Petrino was met by Capt. Lance King, his personal security guard during the season. King took Petrino to a hospital, where he was treated for broken ribs and a cracked neck vertebra.

State police said Friday they planned to question the trooper, looking for ''any information Captain King may have learned about the crash'' during conversations with Petrino.

''While the inquiries have no direct correlation to the investigation of the motor vehicle crash, the questions are legitimate and worthy of answers,'' state police spokesman Bill Sadler said. King has been asked to detail ''his involvement with coach Petrino and other individuals who've been identified within the crash investigation.''

The developments came as Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long considered the future of the football coach, whose salary averages more than $3.5 million.

Petrino was not cited by state police, and was described by troopers as cooperative after the accident on a rural road 20 miles outside Fayetteville.

What has him in trouble is his attempt to keep anyone from finding out he was riding with Dorrell, a 25-year-old former Arkansas volleyball player whom he hired just last week. A clause in Petrino's contract gives Long the right to suspend or fire the 51-year-old coach for conduct that ''negatively or adversely affects the reputation of the (university's) athletics programs in any way.''

That language gives Long plenty of leeway to punish Petrino, who is on indefinite paid leave after reviving Arkansas' football program over four seasons and, until now, steering clear of off-field blemishes.

''That (contract) is very favorable to the university,'' said Matt Mitten, director of the National Sports Law Institute at Marquette. ''It gives them a pretty broad range of discretion in determining what negatively affected the university's athletic program or what they think is conduct inconsistent with the head coach.''

The accident and attempted cover-up has become the latest scandal to hit major college athletics following shocking child sex abuse allegations against assistant coaches at Penn State and Syracuse last fall. The Penn State case resulted in the firing of revered head football coach Joe Paterno, while head Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim kept his job.

The Razorbacks have become a national contender under Petrino, but next season is an afterthought - at least for now - after the stunning admission by the married father of four.

Long only learned Dorrell was on the motorcycle shortly before state police released the accident report on Thursday. Petrino initially said he was riding alone after a day off with his wife at a lake.

Petrino declined further comment on Friday through his agent, Russ Campbell.

''At this point, it is in the university's hands,'' Campbell wrote in an email.

Long has not offered a timeline for his review, though he did promise to move expeditiously. It is expected to include an investigation into how Dorrell was hired.

Dorrell, who has not returned messages seeking comment, was previously a fundraiser for the Razorback Foundation before being selected March 28 as the student-athlete development coordinator for Arkansas football. She is in charge of organizing on-campus recruiting visits for the team, including initial eligibility for each incoming player, and her salary is $55,735.

Long has been through tough decisions before, including firing basketball coach John Pelphrey last year and guiding the football program through the unexpected and sudden death of backup tight end Garrett Uekman from a heart condition in December. But he now faces the difficult choice of keeping a tainted coach who has raised the school's profile or letting him go.

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Knowing Petrino's past, he's probably already got his next job lined up. And he had better have done so, because his days at Arkansas are quickly coming to an end. :thumbs_down:
Cream - I wouldn't be so fast to assume he is done as a Hog.....cheating on your spouse won't get you fired if you are winning. Directly lying to your boss gets you fired just about everywhere winning or not.

However, Petrino has Arkansas competing at the top in the SEC, playing (and getting beat in:biggrin:) BCS games, and recruiting very well. Prior to Petrino being hired they were all but irrelevent....and sure couldn't compete!

I actually think he has a 33% chance of keeping his job. He cheated on his wife and lied to his boss, but he wins games and generates huge cash for the university. I don't expect a decision any time soon and the longer it goes on the better chance they stick with him IMO.

I'd fire him in a second if I were in charge...not for cheating on his wife, but for directly lying to me. No trust = no position..end of story. But, here we are and he is still employed on full paid leave. I have my doubts they care as long as he can win and they can perform public "damage control".

I think it is fitting that this young chick was engaged prior to this incident:biggrin: 2 peas in a pod I say they are made for each other:cheeky-smiley-022:
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Some other articles have him staing he was in an inappropriate relationship with Dorrell. Next question, was that the only reason for not calling 911, or was he under the influence as well.
Was would be correct FNF-Looks like it's an "all in the family affair"!:biggrin:

and Brent see my bold sentences below-it may add a little insight on your question:whistle:

Dorrell is reportedly engaged to be married to the Razorbacks swim director.

Arkansas State Police are also investigating a police captain who stopped to help Petrino after the crash.

That captain also worked private security detail for the coach on his time off.


The scandal surrounding Bobby Petrino has divided Razorbacks fans, with many supporting the embattled Arkansas coach.

Petrino was put on paid leave last week after he didn't tell his boss right away that a 25-year-old female football program employee was riding with him during an April 1 motorcycle accident. The 51-year-old Petrino, who is married with four children, also admitted to an inappropriate relationship.

Kevin Trainor, a spokesman for athletic director Jeff Long, said the investigation was ''ongoing'' Monday. Punishments could include a suspension or even firing a coach who has put up a 21-5 record the past two seasons.

Also on Monday, a person familiar with the investigation confirmed Petrino's ''previous inappropriate relationship'' was with Jessica Dorrell, the former Arkansas volleyball player with whom Petrino was riding with during his motorcycle crash on a rural two-land road southeast of Fayetteville.

Petrino was noticeably vague in the wording about the relationship in his statement last Thursday, and the person spoke on the condition of anonymity.

In the meantime, radio waves and Internet message boards are abuzz with talk of Petrino's fate. Some fans want Petrino ousted while others are encouraging Long to keep the coach.

Bo Mattingly, a sports radio host on 92.1 FM-The Ticket in northwest Arkansas and syndicated throughout the state, said he has fielded a steady mix of pro- and anti-Petrino callers since last Thursday, when a state police report revealed the Dorrell's presence on the motorcycle during the accident.

Mattingly said his callers are torn between emotions, with many feeling that Arkansas ''shouldn't put up with this'' and those who believe ''we can't do any better for a coach.'' He said the situation has put Long in an ''impossible'' situation, and that he's had boosters on both sides of the debate tell him they'll pull their support - whether Arkansas keeps Petrino or not.

''Most people acknowledge that it's a bad deal, but the majority of calls we get are people trying to come up with a way to keep him, rationalizing in their own mind,'' Mattingly said. ''They are coming up with ways Jeff Long could discipline him but still keep him.''

A group of Petrino backers even started a Facebook page called ''Team Save Coach Petrino'' and rallied Monday night on the Arkansas campus to show their support for the coach. The group had approximately 7,000 members Monday morning before passing 17,000 by evening.

The page encouraged fans to email and call Long to offer their support for Petrino, closing its opening statement with ''SAVE OUR COACH!''

Approximately 200 supporters showed up in The Gardens, a popular tailgating spot prior to football games on the Arkansas campus. Razorbacks T-shirts, sandals and hats were tossed into the crowd, which did its best game day impression by calling the Hogs.

Matt Couch, one of the organizers of the rally, was pleased with the turnout and hoped to influence Long's decision in favor of keeping Petrino. The Rogers, Ark., native said he graduated from the school and is a football booster, admitting the group would ''probably not'' have come together had Petrino had less success last season, when the Razorbacks finished 11-2 and ranked No. 5.

''We're not condoning what he did morally,'' Couch said. ''We are disappointed in him, but he's still our football coach and no one's perfect.

''... I wouldn't ask him for marriage counseling, but at the same time we're supportive of him and we want him to do well.''

Another Arkansas fan, Jimmie Wilson, and her husband, Steve, drove an hour from Fort Smith, Ark., to attend the rally and support Petrino. Jimmie Wilson said she didn't feel bad for Dorrell, saying ''I haven't heard her story, but she made a choice.''

Wilson also said she would have attended the rally, even if the Razorbacks hadn't been as successful last season.

''Our program was going down, down, down,'' Wilson said. ''When he got here, he's just brought it back to the level it should be. I think we have a really good chance this year to be at the top.''

Petrino is intensely private, but his hiring in late 2007 unified the fan base in the wake of Houston Nutt's polarizing departure from the school for Mississippi. Nutt's last few seasons at Arkansas were filled with turmoil, with fans hiring planes to fly ''Fire Nutt'' banners prior to games and some even requesting the coach's cellphone records via the state's Freedom of Information Act to see what Nutt was up to.

Not everyone is giving unconditional support to Petrino, of course.

Rex Nelson, a former communications director in the governor's office, blogged about the Petrino dilemma on Monday.

''It turns out we have an out-of-stater we lured to Arkansas with big bucks who produced results but failed to build relationships, grew in arrogance, thrived on secrecy, always thought he was the smartest person in the room, treated some people with contempt and lied to cover up mistakes,'' Nelson wrote. ''What an icon he could have been. What a tragedy for all concerned.''

Nelson said he had no problem with a rally in support of Petrino, adding that Long has legal obligations to consider, not the coach's popularity. Nelson also called the scandal and decision a ''no-win situation'' for Long, who must choose between keeping a highly successful coach who lied to him or firing one of the top fundraisers in school history.

''From a national perception standpoint, it's terrible,'' Nelson said in an interview. ''But those things can be overcome. We were in the middle of the Houston Nutt mess a few years ago, and here the program is now with 21 victories over the past two seasons. That was overcome, and this I'm confident will be overcome also in time.''

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Cheating on your wife is a family affair...until you hire the mistress to a position with your football team. Then lie to your boss about the accident. And request no 911 call to keep his secrets hidden. All that being said, it is the SEC, where winning is all that matters. :nono:
Cheating on your wife is a family affair...until you hire the mistress to a position with your football team. Then lie to your boss about the accident. And request no 911 call to keep his secrets hidden. All that being said, it is the SEC, where winning is all that matters. :nono:
Love triangle?:mischeif: Her Hubby to be was the director of swimming there:biggrin:
Yea, anywhere except the SEC and his fate is sealed....I still think he has a shot at staying which sayd a lot. In the end I think Long will have to fire him....if not the message is louder than ever down there about how they do business. Looks like it will end badly either way.
They were pretty much in a corner and had to fire him eventually.
Hogs loss (he is a good coach despite being a bad person) will be somebody else's gain.

Petrino will land somewhere else in NCAA as head coach if he chooses. He's too good for the lure of winning to turn schools away. I look for him to possibly take a year off to get family affairs in order and show up at a tier 2 NCAA school where he will kick butt.
I agree- he also will not get his guaranteed 18 million due to them having "cause", so he loses all of that as well.

It also came out he gave Jessica a "gift" of $20,000 at some point, and when he hired her, she was selected from a pool of 159 applicants. The Hiring process took a lot less time as well- I wonder why?:whistle:

She also has "disappeared" since the incident.:idea:

He will land at another team at some point, and as you stated, he needs to fix his family life 1st.
Prolly try pro they take slimes...I'd think no college want that baggage ...:D
Final chapter-for now....

Dorrell resigns from position at Arkansas-

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