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Polaris Cabela's

Discussion in 'BuckEye Saloon' started by Fishin 2, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Anyone know when the new Cabela's @ polaris is opening? Got my sock almost full, gettin itchy !!:bouncy:
  2. Last I heard was spring 2013. Can't wait to break the bank either.

  3. ^^^what he said^^^^^

    The one and only.
  4. cabela's

    Thanks guys, guess I'm gonna need a bigger sock !! Mike
  5. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Just heard on the news Opening date is March 7th !!!!
  6. goody goody goo...i caint wait...:biggrin:
  7. Had a "VIP" tour of the new Cabelas yesterday.

    No pictures or "press" allowed. Went with the Ohio Waterfowl Association.

    It looks to be a really nice store. It's the first Gen 3 model about 80K sq/ft. I _think_ they mentioned that they will stock upwards of 80% of the SKUs that the "destination" (Dundee, Wheeling) carry.

    They have a large well stocked firearms section, with a gun library. They have a bargain cave, meeting room, deli/fudge shop. The General Manager is an archer, so there has been some extra effort there. A lot of fishing equipment (but we are coming into spring).

    I don't think the parking lot is really big enough, but that's probably only an issue a couple days a year.

    We all joked about the wives dropping off the husbands, then going to Polaris to shop - dangerous in both locations.

    This location will be watched since it's kind of a new concept, basically in a major metro shopping area.

    The staff was extremely nice and helpful. They answered every question, even some off the wall ones.

    I think folks will be happy.
  8. i was over there friday...took some pics to post but doan know how...i felt the pkg.lot was small opens mar.7 at 11:00am...ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:45...

    we also did some polaris shopping...:D

    steak and lube has great wings...try their hottest ones...pc.of cake...:D
  9. I am going right after work . Haha maybe leave my wallet in the truck so I am not broke when I come home

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