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Plumbrook section 18

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Williams10, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. I’m heading up to plumbrook nasa gun hunt February 3rd.. I’m in sector 18 has anyone ever hunted 18? What’s it like??
  2. I was hoping someone would give some advise since I have this zone for tomorrows hunt if it doesn't get cancelled. I will post up what we see and what the zone looks like if we get to hunt.

  3. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I'm trying to wrap things up at work before snowmageddon gets here, or I would try this for a few searches on Plumbrook on our site. I thought there were a few threads about some of the sectors. There may have been maps attached as well. If I get time later I'll try to look.
  4. Awesome let me know!
  6. Well how was it? Was it a nice area? How many deer did you see??
  7. My son got a doe and small buck. Very thick area but tons of sign. We each saw around 20 deer.
  8. Okay awesome! Did you see a lot of bucks at all? I’m worried they will all be shed by them lol
  9. Only 2 small bucks but the size of some of the rubs in there screams big bucks. I assume you’ve looked at arias photos of the section? If not look at it. Where they drop you off walk west down that path. The deer were bedded and crossing back and forth about 60 yards al the way down to a smal clearing. 1 really god trail by the big trees that are on the north side.
  10. The other good spot was the road south of fox road( your north border) you see 3 gray spots on the aerial. The first one was a crossing spot and between the 2 &3 was the best. I pushed that area to my son and pushed several out. The deer also wanting to cross there naturally as he shot the buck there and we had others do the same when we was not set up right
  11. Okay awesome sounds like a decent spot! I’ll have to look at the Ariel view. Hopefully I can get some deer out of there lol
  12. How did you do?
  13. My buddy was at plumbrook today and he said he saw over 50 deer. Nothing with horns though. He said all bucks he saw were shed and he ended up killing a shed buck.
    Said it was an awesome hunt though. The ranger told him at the beginning of the season their estimate was 169 deer per square mile inside plumbrook! Now that's some population density!