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Please fill out our Ohio Calendar with pertinent dates

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If anyone has the time and would like to help, please feel free to go into our Calendar and fill in dates that are important to Ohio hunters and fishermen.
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Important Date

January 20 is my birthday. I wear 40x30 trouses, large shirts and jackets, need grey knit socks (size 12) same as my, errrr...; feet,
and like Stetson (RT) cologne! :p
40x30 and only a Large?

Hmmmm. One of them sizes seems to be out of proportion. ;)
Paws do you need suspenders with those pants?
Dont forget June 1-2! Free fishing days! It is usually the busiest days at your favorite spot so just stay home in front of the tube!! glenn
Can we put our wives birthdays and our aniversaries on there and get emails within a week of the date. That way while we are out fishing on those dates we can arrange for a florist to deliver flowers.

Hey bill that is a great idea. I can almost see an internet bussiness popping up as a reminder service hmmmmmmm
There is a reminder service at virtually every florist. But here is what I do. I have an emergency piece of jewelry on stand by wrapped in embossed silver paper and wrapped with a red ribbon. The card reads: "And you thought I would forget! Love Your husband. (That way I can even loan it to a neighbor in an emergency!!) :D
Paws I know it has been said before, but I gotta say it again. You Da Man Paws
April is for musky in the rivers
May is tough because ALL the fishing is pretty darned good
June is good catfishing.
July is good cat and carp fishing at Pymatuning Reservoir
August is better catfishing and buzzbait month for Northern Pike
September is for muskies and hanging tree stands
October is bow season and the best musky fishing
November is the Sacred Season of The Rut (Surely God loves bowhunters)
December is for gun hunters and all the traditions that go with it
January is for ice fishing with hot chili and coffee and good friends
February is for more icefishing and tying musky bucktails
March sucks
Now March is for thawing out those slab crappie you caught in February or those walleye you got last December! :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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