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Playing with deer hair: old school bass bugs

Discussion in 'Fly Tying / Fly Fishing' started by TheCream, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. I have been saying for years I want to get better at tying with deer hair, maybe this is the year. Here's two I did this weekend.

    Classic "Fruit Cocktail" color:



    Tried to stack the colors more on this one, keep the yellow on the belly and alternate olive and black on the back:


  2. Wow! Get better with deer hair? Good luck.....:bouncy:

  3. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Looks really good, one thing I thought of looking at these is that the tighter you can pack the hair the better they float. How many wraps of thread are you throwing in between the bundles? It looks like you could be be loosing a little density at the color breaks. Not enough to be a problem, just tryin' to help. :)
  4. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Overlapped your new post. VERY NICE!
  5. Still a lot of room for improvement, GM! In my eyes, anyway.
  6. very nice...the first one might be a "parrot head":D
  7. Your work is at a level I do not grasp. In college I used to work in construction and I was trained by my Dad with his decades of experience. The work we did and the detail we paid attention to was far beyond what the average customers could appreciate. It always struck me odd that our work wasn't really appreciated by the customers as much as our competitors.

    Only someone very serious about their tying could look at your stuff and see lots of room for improvement. :thumbs_up:
  8. Very nice...they look great!

    I have not tied flies in years.

    When stacking or spinning hair, I would always use the thickest thread possible and have a sturdy vise so I could really crank down. Having the hair stacker with the comb to get out the "fluff hair" really helped too.

    I would coat the face of my bugs in shoe goo, man I could get some crazy noise out of them with some sharp strips.

    Nice work and good luck!
  9. I'm going to try not coating these and see if they get destroyed immediately or they hold up OK. I like the thought of keeping it natural on these...then again, I have rubber legs in the tail and 3D molded eyes, so maybe they're not as au natural as I'd like to think. :whistle:

    Here's two smaller bugs I finished up last night:



  10. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Very nice. :) Now you're getting me inspired to knock out some deer hair!
  11. Show-off!:mischeif:

    Just kidding Cream, the bass bugs look outstanding.