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playin with broadheds...

Discussion in 'Ohio Traditional Archery' started by coonskinner, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. gone thru my old arrows and such lookin for some broadheads to put on muh huntin woodies...this is fun...i'm mountin 1 each of different makes lookin for the right one...all are 3 blade...all are oldies...:biggrin:so far i'm lookin at 130 gr...but could be usin up to heh heh...
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  2. Coony
    I love shooting different broadheads too. Ive killed deer with many different brands...bear razorhead, super razorhead, MA2, MA3, Snuffer,woodsman,zwickey eskimo, zwickey delta, magnus I & II,simmons interceptors,ACE 2 blade, zephry, sasquatch, grizzly 160 &190, muzzy phantom, muzzy 4 blade..i even killed a couple with Grim Reaper expandables with a compound one year and they performed the worst of all but man will they put a turkey down quick.
    Ill be shooting woodsmans this year with an old zwickey eskimo stuck in the back of the quiver for good luck. Cant wait to see you at Deer Camp in November! So far we have 4 of us coming from SC.

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  3. dang thats a long list...:Dhopefully youll add another at camp...:biggrin:

    cant wait to see you guys in camp...:bouncy:
  4. just shot the ma3 a few times...dang thangs tearin the heck outta my block type layered target...but its field point on...:D
  5. just got in from a lil shootin session...shot the hills hornet a few times...dang this thang flys to shoot more but theyre destroyin muhbroadhed target...:D
  6. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I'm using Muzzy Phantoms & Magnus Stingers (both 125gr). I really like the way the Stingers fly & perform.

    I do have a couple questions:

    What is the best way to sharpen your broadheads?

    Do you think any expandables would perform well out of my recurve (Martin X-200, 55lbs @ 28") ???
  7. Magnus makes a sharpiner

  8. i have serious doubts about expandables used with trad.equip....from info i've seen with thick skinned game like elk or hogs...xpandables even have limitations with compounds...i would only use cut on contact with a recurve or longbow...even with low poundage compounds under 55#i think its wise to use cut on contact points...when it comes to great penetration...cut on contact does it with the most ease...and it can be proven with the push into your palm test...:Dafter a lil thought...i thought i better advise not doing that test with any points...especially with the cut on contacts...hate to read that somebuddy pushes a broadhead thru their hand...dang...
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  9. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Just some heads up... I followed your advise before reading the end of your post.

    You'll be hearing from my lawyer!!! :D

    My apology, I made the expandable post very late at night & already knew that cut on impact were better. I was just curious as if anyone has used trad bows with an expandable like the Rage 40KE (for low speed bows). I just want to have razor sharp broadheads at all times. I worry about blade wear on my Stingers during in & out of quiver.

  10. i've also seen this new wave of expandables attaching a small cut on contact blade in the lead...:biggrin:but penetration is still slowed down like a chute slows down a dragster...

    oh no...i wish i could have got that last point across before you pushed...:biggrin:
  11. When I was shooting my Bear BH's single blade with razor blade incerts, it powered right through a nice buck and came out the other side. A double lung shot. After the shot it buried itself into a tree so far I couldn't pull the BH's out. I unscrewed the shaft. That shot was out of a two wheel compound @ 25 yards. That was the first kill while stalking and changed the way I hunt.

    Those old BH's work very well and are deadly. That old two wheeler was super slow but with those BH's it didn't matter.

  12. a razor sharp bear razorhead is as deadly as anythang on the market...i've had the same experience with them but with 2 blade...:biggrin: