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Plans for the new year???

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by getinjiggy, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Are any of you planning anything special for the new year? I only plan to get to fish with more people (other than Bill) Not that hes bad mind you. I just need to meet more people. I hope this certain person still plans something this summer for special kids Im personally looking forward to that! Im still hunting for that 2# crappie for the wall, but most important for me is to teach my 5y/o girl how to fish without getting bored and throwing rocks in! Lets hear what your plans are? glenn
  2. My plans are to have as much time to fish as possible, which is hard with the hectic work scheduel I have..Spend more time looking for a new job:eek:

  3. i think ERIE said it best

    and the same goes for me:rolleyes: :D
  4. I guess mine will be to try to catch as many of the different kinds of fish we have in Ohio. Also break some bowfishing records this year.;)
  5. this year (hopefully)will be a good one.planning on putting up a new pole barn in the spring,then come fall i'm heading out west for my 1st ever elk hunt.i can't wait!!!!!!!!
  6. this up and coming year i`m going to plan a couple events for the kids and disabled outdoorsfolks. not real sure where or when but i am going to do it.

    i tried contacting several organizations(sp?) but didn`t get a reply. so i guess if you want it done you have to do it yourself.

    jiggy i still have you in mind. after the holidays settle down i`ll get with you and see what we can work out.

    Merry christmas and a Happy new year,

  7. Sounds good man! Im sure something will end up coming together where we can enjoy kids faces light up! Glenn
  8. I will help where I can too. I am limited in time as my wife works opp. shifts as I do but just ask and I will see if I can help. Even if it's just a little something I will do what I can.

  9. Bubbahunter thats a very kind thing to do. I'm going to have to check into that in my area.
  10. Hey desperader(sp) If things go well Im sure your knowledge will help out! Why not ? Maybe it could be a yearly thing!! Glenn
  11. My plans for the next year are

    #1...get a new job....(Old one stinks but at least I am working)
    #2....spring turkey hunting here in Ohio and in Kentucky....if $$$ comes in there is a chance for Texas and maybe New Mexico
    #3...getting ready for next fall's hunting (Ohio,Ky and Texas)

    #4..if I get a little:D ;)
  12. thanks guys i`m sure i could use all the help i can get. i`ll make a post in a couple weeks to see who wants to get invovled and to get any suggestions. i`m sure with all the help that has been offered this will be a blast to do and i`m sure there will be some new friendships made.