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Planning a Road Trip

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by camshaft, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Just a ol country boy in NC wanting to go hunt giant deer in the Buckeye state! Not many real big deer here in NC. Can anyone give some advice on public land. I was looking at Sunday Creek area in Hocking county. Anyone got experience in this neck of the woods??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking a good area with a little elbow room. Bow hunting first week in Nov.
  2. There are all kinds of places hocking area is good salt fork is another Dillon area to many to list.

  3. Welcome to the site. Wayne National Forest is another option. Shawnee State Forest along the Ohio River would be good. Lots of public land that is very good.

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  4. I was at cooper hollow yesterday and seen lots of Deer never hunted there other then turkey sure it gets fair amount of hunters but thetes plenty of room
  5. Most pubic land in Ohio is good for bow hunting. Most of the time you will never see anyone. I know you can camp at strouds run state park. They have cabins there. U might have to pack a generator there but great place to camp. A lot of hunting ground there and good people.

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