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Placing bets on.....

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. Mrfish. Now I thought FM and those guys were gonna tear up Santee. Now if FM and Mrfish come up short.....that tells me maybe I shouldn't waste time down there. Mrfish has the boat advantage.........they should get something?

    I'm betting largest fish of 27lbs.

    Place your bets, we'll see this weekend!

    I did get a 100lb. + toothy critter:D I never did ask you, how'd that thing fight....seriously?
  2. I would imagine Jim had a very good trip

  3. BB

    first, Jim is down there during a good time..from now til late April is prime...he has a boat and is fishing the tailwaters where the spre spawn fish start the bait are at the current areas right now there.
    We went down only knowing a few places that bank anglers catch some nice fish..we were there during one bad drought..and had been bad for months!
    That Gator was about 10-12ft long and probably over 200lbs?
    FIGHT...on my 11ft st. croix surf rod rated 1-4oz..and my big baitrunner long cast(uk) loaded with 17lb test(about 500 yrds of it) was the best fight on rod & reel ive ever had..them things are powerhouses!!

    I say Jim or his partners big cat..around 40lbs easy! (thats my bet)
  4. BottomBouncer ...

    .. Angler Jim is noted for doin' his "Homework" ahead of time & bein' very successful, so I would expect his results to be nearly on Par with the local Santee Anglers for the timeframe that he is down there fishin' .. Jim doesn't miss much & is very creative & might even put a Ohio River twist on the Santee fish, that they have never seened before .. he's a complete fisherman with a "open" mind & this trip will be another rung-on-the-ladder for him in his Quest to be a Giant amoung Giants in the sUMo Cat chase world!

  5. Mr Fish

    Jim went to the Doctors school of basic training for catfish anglers, he is a fast learner and he has done great for his first year. I told him after he went out with me that he would get "Hooked on Catfish" because he was a diehard Striper fisherman. Man look at the results.

    He has spent an enormous amont of time with Jigger and Dave knows catfish and there habits so I would say that they are going to break that 65# mark.

    Jim has enough rodholders on that boat to put out 15 rods so they should get into something, and when it comes to fishing I think they both would stay up 24 hours if the fish are biting.......Doc
  6. I fished Santee in May with the Catking -- we didn't have the best luck either. Big cold front brought record temps the first day and it didn't warm up until our last. Most of the guides weren't even bringing in fish. I did manage a nice, fat blue cat. Weighed in right at 25 lbs, with a few more between 8 and 18 lbs between the two of us. I'd post the pics but don't have them with me.

    I can't wait to hear how Jim did.
  7. Jim should do go with the weather he is having. That lake could top his personal records very easy.:D
  8. I wouldn't mind going down there in Ocotber or November. I bet the flatties would be feeding good! I remember watching a show when they were cattin' down there, the guy was using a bluegill that I would make a sandwich out of..........
  9. I see MrFish signed on? Back early? Or you're doing really well and went to a public library so you could brag while down there?

    Let's hear it.........
  10. BB

    I thought Jim said that Dave had to be back Weds. and they were coming home then.....hes probably downloading his pics down now(all 150 of;)
  11. Jim has posted today, so he is back..Jim wheres the feesh!!!!:D
  12. Wind !!

    Got winds from 10-15 MPH will push you off the lake !! The "hot bite" was over. We weren't fishing the tailwaters. We fished the dam at Marion. The shad stack there, then the blues do, then they are caught by the boatloads & eaten ! So after a few weeks of 150 boats bringing in 50 fish, the schools are depleted. Prime time to go bank fishing is close to when Catking goes. No one was catching fish except for a guide who obviously didn't tell where his honey hole was, and someone who lives there too. We outfished the other locals. They were getting 2-3 fish a day, we caught about 12 the 1st day, maybe 8 the second and 8 the last. Got chased off the water on Tuesday by waves crashing over the bow. Our best fish was 16-4. On the way in, the waves got up over 3-4'. The whole 105,000 acres is all submerged trees & you must idle the whole time. So once you work you way out into the old river channel, it takes a long time to work your way back.
    Of course there's a learning curve anywhere you go. We heard of a 38# fish in the stump field & a 60# fish caught in the diversion channel. Our total weight the first day was 47 pounds. We saw the guide bring a guy in who got 63# of fillets !! So his catch was actually about 200#
    I got alot more than 150 pictures too !! ;)
    A cold front moved thru, lows 27-33 at night, highs 47-53 during the days. Winds W NW @ 10-15 put the bite down. That's the worst you can have them. We talked to a commercial fisherman for quite some time & the guide too. It's a different world there. He runs 6 jug lines with 50 hooks, has a FDA fish factory. Puts them out every day. Today's winds were 15-25 so it's not fishable, The guide said under 20 & he'll run his big pontoon, but he'd rather not as the waves will come over it. Better to fish under 10 MPH The winds at night seemed like they might blow the trailer over !
    We didn't catch what we wanted, but we wern't skunked, and we faired better than all the natives with 2 exceptions. Trick is you HAVE to hire a guide to learn some spots. We were fed some misinformation. It was good information for last week, but not good for this week. The shad were all over the face of the dam, in a solid cloud 6' thick for miles. No fish in it's right mind needs to do anything but swim with it's mouth open to gourge itself !!
    To catch fish there now, you have to get out from the crowd, way out. Look for pods of bait & a few fish. Guess what? Not real safe trying to graph the area as you WILL bump submerged trees. We were just starting to get onto some fish on the last day when the wind whipped up. At idle speed, we were a good hour from safety. Those waves impale you on the trees, have to take it real slow. Thanks everyone for your compliments. We'll definitely get them next time. Maybe we'll just hitch a ride in FM's new Carolina Skiff next trip and show you our "secret spots"
    Next time we know what to do. We considered leaving on Friday, but there was no point, no way to fish.
    There's another possibility, that would be for about 4 of us to go, rent a 2 bedroom trailer, go with a guide the first day, then rent a pontoon. Make it a full week, 2 days to travel, 5 days to fish. Pontoon is $100/day- only $100 each that way for the boat. Probably get by under $500 each for a week.
  13. Originally......

    I was going to post.....we slayed them......we REALLY SLAYED THEM !!!
    Then post these pictures !
    These are 2 tubs of fish remains and a cooler full. These were the only good catches caught.
  14. Cooler full

    Here's what one man who lives there at Randolph's Landing caught.
    Here's the best fish of the mess.
    Here's the fillets.
  15. Some of our fish

    I'll show you some of the better ones first. these were from our last day, We had finally got on a spot & had a few nice runs, and some better fish.
    This is the 1st fish on Tuesday.
    Here's the next.
    4th fish....Dave didn't want to take a picture of it !!
  16. Last day first

    6th fish.
    5th fish
    This says 6th fish ?
    Now that I look at the water, looks like my 6th was a different day, or mislabled
  17. Sixth & Seventh

    Dave was on a roll.....he landed one when his other rod went down. We had 3 fish on this spot, mine wrapped me on a tree......
    Then the winds ran us out. By the time we got halfway back they died down a little, so we tried some spots there. But of course we had to try to find that honey hole. I think we were close, but , after 20 minutes travel time, we ran out of time qick & had to motor to the safety channel where you could open up th emotoer above idle speed.
    Seventh fish.
  18. Final fish

    This was our last fish of the trip. The eighth one on the last day.

    the other fish above, that I said was the 6th with me holding it, was the 5th....therefore, I take the fifth (amendment-not-not the Jack)!!;) Here's a zoomed in shot of the camp.....a good distance !!
  19. The Birds !!

    I felt like I was in an Alfred Hitchcock movie set........gulls, loons, and cormorants.
    Flock after flock of cormorants would skim the water. I even resorted to using my lucky charm on my new rod !! It worked, caught fish on every rod I took !
  20. The accomodations

    We got a 2 bedroom trailer, had a kitchen, full bath, cable TV, HEAT, nice set up. The ramp was in front of our door too.

    Here's the boat......
    Some of Tuesday's wind, just before we went in.