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Photo Gallery

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by mrfish/OH, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. How about putting a button for it direct off the forum page ? I just came in to link a picture like you were saying, and it's not there unless I use the left column thing. Same with the Campfire. I'll make a prediction right now, THAT is going to take off !! You'll have to rename it Wildfire !!:eek:
  2. Yes indeed, pics make the post much better!

  3. Photo links.......

    I've joined 3 photo sites today, I think the last one I can deep link from, the other 2 I can't:( Too bad, they had unlimited storage for free too ! I haven't uploaded to it yet, I'm wore out from the others.
  4. What does "Deep link" mean? Is that the same as hotlinking?
  5. What does "Deep link" mean?

    I don't know but Jim's last photo drop was down for Maint till he zapped it :rolleyes: :p
  6. I added some photos to the photo gallery.
  7. Those were two great deer lureboy!!!!!!!
  8. Deep link

    It's when you link your pictures from somewhere on the web. It might mean you linked them from one site to another. I was cautioned by a photo site that I was doing that, and I'd have to purchase a "premium" membership to continue to "deep link" (club photo) so I've moved on. The one I use now resized them all to 500x500 max so they lose some resolution, but I'm not complaining.
    Here's one of Buckeye Tom with a nice musky....has nothing to do with anything *LOL* I just made the background less noticeable & juiced it up a little, Jack posted the same shot, but without the alterations. Took off the writing on the door, the mailbox, etc. I was kidding Jack that I was going to post it, as mine was "better"
    We could play that picture game, where you look for the diffences....extension cord is gone too ....:eek:
    Oh....BEAUTIFUL FISH Tom....someday I'll get one.
  9. HOWDY Ohio Sportsman!

    BuckeyeTom here! By the way Jimbo that's a good lookin feller in that pic!;) Thanks for the re-vamp!!!

    Been checking the new site out! Little more detailed for the hunters compared to GFO!
  10. Oh ok, thanks Jim. never heard it called Deep link before, but yes, it's the same as hotlinking.

    Why are you even complaining Jim? It's not like you have any pics to show? :rolleyes: :D

    I think you and Ray have more pics than the internet can hold!!!

    But I'm glad you post 'em. Get's me goin' that's for sure! :)
  11. Yeah

    I have a few shots. Some are pretty good too. I've been told to enter them on photo contests. I have enough addictions as it is !!
    But you prompted me to show you a couple !! This one's from the spillway below Rocky Fork Dam. I'ts an old mill foundation.
    Here's one I like, it's some tree roots at Paint Creek spillway. I see it & think it could be titled "Tenacity"
    This one made me pull over & shoot...seemed to call to me. Some sort of emotional pull !! The old barn's about to fall over. It has alot of texture with the light in the sky, the hills, the fence, the tree. One of my favorites.