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photo gallery

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by MISFIT, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. that's just great steve:rolleyes: ;) i just registered on your other site to get pics posted,yesterday:rolleyes: well the good thing is that after all day trying to get it figured out,i have it now and i don't have to be retrained:D though the problem was mostly my funky puter.:mad: thanks for getting it up and running:) :cool: now i don't have to jump back and forth:eek: :rolleyes: :D
  2. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Let's get it filled up guys. We need to get at least 16 pictures in there so we can start displaying thumbnails.

  3. Oh, man !!

    Only 16 ?? *LOL*;) :p
  4. Man Steve what else should we expect from you! I love this its getting better every week! Thanks Glenn
  5. Hey Steve..?

    Ole Jim(MRfish/Oh) cant take up ALL the space can he???(LOL..LOL):rolleyes: ;) :D :cool:
    Dang ive already maxed out my space ..oh well...;)
  6. just posted a pic of hunter my yellow lab.

    Steve jiggy is right this site just keeps getting better. keep up all the great work.

  7. Hey Bubba

    How old is Hunter?
    I got my boys a AKC reg. Black Lab. at 8 weeks he was a cute little fart..NOW hes 6 months old and freakin 65 lbs....this things bigger than my boys are..geez! and craps piles as big as a horse!!!
    His name is Max.
  8. Hunter was 2 years old in that pic. labs are great dogs. we also have his dad Riley. Hunter is about 75lbs. and Riley is about 95lbs.

    i`ll try to post a pic of Riley but being a black it`s hard to get a good pic sometimes.

    kids and labs what a combo, it don`t get any funnier than
    if you get the chance poast a pic of max.

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  9. i got a pic of Riley in the photo forum if you want to see it.

  10. Thanks for the reply Bubba

    Yea thats why i chose to get them a Lab. great family dog and are very smart(even though Max seems to lack in that dept.
    I'll take some pics. with the digital and put them in the gallery along side Hunters.
    Im starting to think that Max is not a pure bred after all..maybe has some Mastif mixed in...this dog is BIG for only being 6 months old..if he gets any bigger im going to need a bobcat to clean up after

    A buddy of mine had a bull mastif that went 120 lbs at 6 months it COULD be worse i guess..geez!
  11. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Glad you guys enjoy it. Can I just ask one favor though.... when you do an upload, PLEASE try to select the proper category for the picture rather than just letting it default to "member gallery". This helps people later on when they are going through our pictures to quickly find the ones they are interested in.
  12. sorry Steve

    Didnt figure that out until AFTER i posted them...but i know now...thanks again for the photo gallery..its going to be awsome.
  13. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Oh yeah, something else you guys can do to help..... since the pictures in our gallery have our URL stamped on them, use our gallery to store your pictures and then post them on other sites when you need to display a picture. A win-win situation :) We get name recognition and you have a free place to store pictures.
  14. Great Pictures guys

    I always love checking out others guys catches..looking real good so far!
  15. I knew you'd max out quick Scott

    I knew those big shots would use it up ;) I have 7 up too, & still over 1/2 my space....
    Yeah, that's a nice thing with the stamp Steve, I sure hope this site is a roaring success for you. I was in the chat room tonight too, that was alot of fun, thanks.
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  16. Beautiful Dog Bubba

    I have a female sharpea & mix with something. She's the size of a sharpea and everything but her face isn't. Now I think she might be mixed with lab ??
  17. thanks

    your pup does look like she may have some lab in her. good looking pup.