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Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Steve, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Are you guys seeing any pheasants down in Ohio?
  2. A friend and I tried to kick a few up out of some fields at West Branch State Park a couple weeks ago, but with no luck. Only saw one rabbit.
    Actually, if it's not raining in the morning tomorrow, I would like to try some of those spots again, or at Grand River Wildlife Area.

  3. They did release some at the Darke county game reserve! I heard through the grapevine that it was dangerous on opening day! Alot of people! Glenn
  4. Most of the pheasants I hunt are wild birds. That is on private property though. Haven't been there in a year and a half though. The old lady died, and the son doesn't like anyone being back there. I always had exclusive permission from the old lady to hunt that. Great grounds too. I miss it. :(
  5. I have never hunted them, but would love to go. If anyone is willing to take me I'll trade a trip of fishing, bowfishing or something.
  6. I usually have some success in Williams County but I haven't made it out yet this year, too many other things going on. If I make this year it will have to be next week. I am heading south a week from tomorrow.


    Gotta work on Molly's retrieving skills. Those bikini tops are dangerous ya know and someone has to work on keeping the population under control. :D
  7. Great looking dog. I have one too. His name is Cody and he is a great dog!!
  8. Just have to say I like your av Desperado. ;)
  9. [​IMG]

    Got these at Grand River W A on Thanksgiving morning .
  10. I hunt private ground and have gotten 12 roosters so far this season .
  11. I drive rt 207 to work everyday, this rd goes thru deer creek wild life area I see alot of Pheasants crossing and flying over rt 207
  12. We shot over 100 the second week of Oct., but we were in Montana :))
  13. Hey Bob Oh

    Are you still thinking of having a bass charter in the spring. I dont know if you remember me or not.. I came out with Shawn on a perch trip with you in Oct and had a blast. Id love to come out sometime when you are back on the water. As for the pheasents I havent even kicked one up this year. I have great private land but none of it has pheasents in it so Im forced to hunt public for that.
  14. Flathunter,
    How much of that is private land along rt 207
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  15. I went out a few times and got one.Deleware wildlife area is decent during the week,but on release days and weekends
    LOOKOUT!!!!!!!:D :D
  16. Zfish, sure I remember you. Haven't talked to Shawn, probably get to talkin later.