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Perfect's closed. Who should my new processor be?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by henseldd, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. I drove by Perfect's in Johnstown the other day and noticed they were closed. I hunt in Delaware County but live in northern Fairfield County so Perfect's was perfect for me (pardon the pun).

    Where should I take my harvest to now?

  2. It will be open again this fall under a different name, Saw the sign there this morning. I have been going to Oilers in Utica. Best bolgna I have found for the $. I don't care for the other stuff though.
  3. Been to quite a few places over the years and have done them myself.

    Youngs in Danville
    Oilers in Utica
    Perfect's in Johnstown
    Thurn's in Columbus

    While it's the most convenient for me, I also like the service and product at Thurns the best of all of them. Their customer service is great.

    Perfect's vacuumed packed, but you paid a premium for their processing. We used to check deer at Perfects (adjacent county), but preferred to drive them to Thurns for processing.

  4. Where is Thurn's located?
  5. I've taken my stuff to perfects for years too. I loved their jerky. Who else makes good jerky?
  6. "Downtown" Columbus. Greenlawn Ave and I-71 NW corner of intersection.

    During the season, I'm sure the PETA types on I-71 would go nuts if they knew there were dozens of deer stacked less than 75 yards away.

    They have a big smoking operation and can make a deer leg into a tasty "ham".

    I picked up a card today from a new place (in response to this thread). Don't know anything about it.
    Quick Cut Deer Processing, LLC.
    Mt Vernon OH 43050
    quickcut at embarqmail dot com

    Also, as someone mentioned the sign outside of Perfects says a new Meat Market is "Opening soon"
  7. I too have been taking my deer to Perfect's for years. Billy Perfect (former owner) is quite a character...alot of rumors about him and what he may have been spending his money on. :whistle::tsk:

    I heard a rumor that Ernie Wallace (Central Flyway Taxidermy) was trying to buy it. Anyone know if he is the new owner? Ernie is a great guy, awesome taxidermist and always has his eye on a few monsters roaming around his woods. I would love to see him take it over.

    I have heard good things about Thurn's, but they don't vacuum seal, do they? Just curious.
  8. I just got a bit of inside scoop. It is going to reopen and the new owner's name is Ernie. The guy who told me about it is doing some plumbing for them as they prepare to open but couldn't confirm Ernie's last name or if he is a taxidermist. He did say Ernie was a butcher who worked for Perfect.
    The name is going to change to Amazing Meats and they will continue to process deer. They also plan to reduce processing costs and will be opening soon.
  9. That is GREAT news! I am sure it is Ernie Wallace...he helped out at Perfects during gun season (checking in, butchering, etc.) for the past several years.

    He will run a great shop! I am also happy because it is convenient to some of my hunting areas!!!
  10. That would be good news. I has Ernie do my first buck mount and he did a great job. Thanks for the responses!

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  11. Is there a way to contact Ernie about doing a mount?
  12. Look up Central Flyway Taxidermy. He is in Westerville.
  13. I've had Ernie do four deer mounts and two squirrels for the family and me. I like his work a lot. The only mount that I feel could have been done better is my sons. But it still looks good. I just think the deers body was so big, it was hard to fit the skin on the mount itself. With that said, it still looks better than 90% of the other mounts I've seen.

    I'm in Cbus, if anybody wants to see some of his work. I give him two thumbs up. :)
  14. Their summer sausage was good, they just shorted alot of people on meat, and were expensive. That was eight/nine years ago when they shorted me on a gun season doe, I mentioned how my full grown adult doe my box had alot less meat then my little fawn from bow season, amazingly, they went back and came out with more meat. I know thats one reason alot of people stopped using them, that and price. Same thing with beef. Our beef gets done at youngs now, and has for the last 4 years, perfects was to expensive, and quality went down.

    well good luck to Ernie, I know him, if thats the guy reopening it. I had a mount done from him several years ago. Iv been using Robs taxidermy the last few years, I like him better. He is a member on this forum. mountnman.
  15. Thurns does not vacuum seal. The only place I've had do that was Perfects. Thurns is wrapped very well. Also, you get your own grind back. I know some places bulk grind and divy it out by approx weight put in.

    Just harvest a couple deer this year and take one to each place!

    I used to go to Youngs, but it was just too long a drive for the pick-up. The guy who ran it was really nice, but the lady (wife?) was really crabby everytime I went in there.

    One of the Thurn brothers, lives in my area. One year when my ham was done, he called and said he'd drop it by my house on the way home. He dropped it off on his way home in a snow storm. I've been a long time customer, but that was outstanding customer service! Even after two years, they knew who was in our hunting party and asked about them by name if they weren't with us when we dropped off.

    When we first started going by Perfect's they were packed with a line on the shoulder of Rt62. In recent years, the place would be deserted with maybe one or two trucks checking in.

    Hopefully the OP will find someplace to take his deer.
  16. If you're looking for processing only, definitely go to Quick Cut. You'll have to take your meat elsewhere if you want jerky or sausage.

    Be careful of any place that wants to "age" your meat.
  17. Hoffman Meat Processing in Cardington did mine last year. Great job and good prices.
    Got a bunch of hot sticks and jerky (guys at work kept asking for it, so I made them pay for it) and I was still out the door for around $250. I think the normal processing cuts are $90 and then ground or jerky or anything is per the pound.

    157 South 4th Street, Cardington, OH 43315
    (419) 864-3994
  18. If it wasn't so far away, I'd hook you up with my butcher, does an entire deer for $15, unless you want jerky it's $10 a gallon and sausage is bout the same but it's delicious! But I doubt anyone wants to drive clear to se Washington county.

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  19. Hey Lacure
    Found out the scoop last night, its not Ernie Wallace, its a guy named Ernie Maze, the shop is gonna be called Amazing meats.