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People that don't hunt and fish?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by bowkills, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. I'm sure they say the same thing about me. Why do you do that when you could be doing x.... I cant see staying content in my life without being in the outdoors hunting and fishing (or being in nature walking camping ect). That may be way wrong but it's hard for me to imagine a life without nature. What the heck do people do with there time?????besides gearheads I guess. The all mighty dollar drives many. I'd think you could only think about lifting weights so much of your day. Farmers farm...what do people do in town besides spend money???? I come home watch TV play with kids go to bed, go out to eat with my wife from time to time.....sounds boring as heck. I go freaking nuts when the weather nasty rains or windy as crap and animals won't be moving much. If i have too many work or family commitments keeping me from getting to the woods or water for an extended period of time I'm ready to explode. Only like 6 percent of the US hunt??????? I can't believe it's that small of a number when it's so much fun.....I often wonder what others are consumed by that they think about so much.....?
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  2. I was consumed with my professional career, traveling all over the country and raising a family whenever I could for my first 20 years as an young adult and it seemed like life just flew by on me. After leaving corporate america back in 2000, I decided to do what I wanted to do, so I started working for myself. Over the past almost two decades I started a couple of businesses, just so I could spend more time with my family. I still have my consulting business today and I sold a lawn care business shortly after my sons finished high school. I didn't get back into hunting until 2007. The last time I hunted big game or any type of game for that matter was back in 1982. I continued to fish over the years. In fact, that was the one thing that I absolutely refused to give up no matter what. I've done all kinds of fishing over the years and it's been apart of my life as long as I can remember. But you're right though, about being in the outdoors. I introduced my kids to camping at a very young age along with fishing. I got my eldest into hunting because he was the one that expressed interest in it back in 2010. I came from country and I can honestly say, that's when and where I always feel my best. When I'm out and about in the outdoors, no matter what I'm doing, whether it's hiking; fishing; working; hunting; camping; boating, it doesn't matter what it is, as long as I get out in it as much as I can today just so I can feel good about life. It's what keeps me happy and sane these days. I can care less what others do or think, however I am worried about the future of our hunting heritage. I wish more of the younger generation spent more time in the wild outdoors, learning and appreciating rather than wasting time on those small electronic devices that will suck the life right out them, imo...
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  3. give-them-a-tackle-box-notan-x-box-get-the-kids-21344089.png
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  4. Bryan six

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    Who knows!! Life is probably the best answer!! I know they are missing out!!

    I have one rebuttle with this sentence though!!

    I think the deer move just as much if not more!! It's just hard to get out of the house on those days!! For me they are the days when more mature deer are sighted, especially rain!! ;) Hunting is hard, hence the 6 percent!!
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  5. That goes the same for fishing many times. When I had my lawn care business and whenever it rained, you'd always catch me at my favorite fishing hole with my rain gear on. :)
  6. There are all kinds of other things to . I grew up in the city until I was 12 and we moved to Ohio from Detroit . What did we do ? baseball , football , basketball , soccer , sled , roller skate, movies , bowl , shoot BB guns , Shoot bow , Now what other things may people do that don't hunt and fish . Hike , ski , mountain climb , ride bikes , ride ATV's ,motor cycles , skate boards , boating , water skiing . surf , swimming , nature watching , Take a breath , kung fu , MMA and a long list of others , boxing , wrestling , horse back riding , rodeo , visit natural parks , sex , drink , play pool , play darts , wood working , metal crafts , paint . That was just a small sum of sports and hobbies . If we want people on the outside of the hunting and fishing world to try and understand our thing . Well lets not be closed minded to the outside world and there things . This is a big world with a lot to do in it . Pull the binos away from your eyes and expand your view . LOL
  7. i am for getting kid away from setting in front of the TV playing games, Facebook, iPhone. it seams like this is getting to be a normal lifestyle for adults also. boy scouts was a good thing when i was a kid. no need to learn to use a compass, got GPS on my iPhone! lol:D don't get me wrong, i think technology is good thing, just some people rely on it way to much.
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  8. I am all for getting kids out of in front of the TV and video games and getting them moving . So how many times do you hear someone say -Took the kid hunting today gave him his game boy so he would stay in the blind ! Guess it got them out from in front of the TV . LOL I'm sure it really does help them stay out there longer . Then you can shake them and say hay there is a deer coming in . Not saying it's wrong just saying . Little kids in the outfield pick grass .
  9. That's just hunting and fishing though. There are so many more hobbies that get a much bigger portion of people out into nature. GeoCaching is a great way to get a younger person out in nature that doesn't like to hunt/fish. I don't know a single person that doesn't at least enjoy seeing nature and occasionally hiking or something of the sorts. Even if you don't like nature there are plenty of hobbies out there to take your money that wont leave you sitting on the couch.
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    Love the last sentence!!!

    True so true!!!
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  11. And the kids on the bench pick their nose . LOL couldn't help myself .
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  12. In our kids league they take the grass pickers and put them in the infield and the kids that hustle in the outfield. My boy just sprints everywhere. If he's playing center field half the time he will run to 3rd base to field a ball while the other kids are kicking rocks. The other parents get mad because Jimmy or Sally didn't get to field the ball that they didn't even see. It's just not a technology issue, it's a parent issue also. Winning and Losing are very important life lessons. You better learn how to lose and deal with things that aren't "fair" or life is gonna be very interesting.
  13. They need an afternoon snack!
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  14. People that don't hunt and fish are misfortunate souls for sure, and many of them end up in trouble with the law! Whatcha going to do when they come for yuooooo bad boys bad boys whatcha ya goning to dooooo. Good luck hunting and be safe.
  15. Gotta love those assumptions that are completely false....
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  16. Yeap . And we all know there are plenty of people that do hunt and fish that get in trouble with the law . !!
  17. I played a game of golf once and if I go to my grave and never play again I'll be perfectly happy about it . I took a friend hunting once and he killed a pig the first night . And he will go to his grave and never do it again . He tried it and was glad that he did . But it's not his thing and we are still very good friends . We have other thing in common . I truly love to hunt and fish but it is a part of my life , not my life . For those that make it there life that's fine . and for those that want nothing to do with it that's fine too.
  18. After I return from our annual SC hog hunt in March i mostly golf until mid September. Then it's early goose, dove then archery deer season. The cycle rolls right on through to the next March. But I will admit golf is only a filler so I don't go crazy.
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  19. Not only do I love the thrill and challenge of hunting/fishing, but I also love showing my non hunting family/friends what I provide for my family. I invite friends over for back straps and just picked morels...Or a bluegill dinner caught from a local pond and cold beer with fresh garden picked veggies.

    I can't honestly say what makes someone into what we are. I've tried to figure it out with my daughter. Took her hunting and fishing all the time when she was young. Once she hit jr. high she was done with it. She would much rather stare at her phone for hrs on end with no food or water than do something active...athletically or outdoors.

    I may not get them all out in nature with me, but at least I make them think about leaving the dark side :)
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