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Paws beat me to it

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Mal, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. I went over the the North American Hunting Clubs Bullitin Board to their Ohio section and was going to post the link to this Board and Paws already beat me to it. Way to go Paws.:D
  2. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Thanks guys I appreciate it.

  3. I just did the same at the North American Fishing Club in the Ohio section.
  4. I'm going to let the guys on the site I help moderate know about this place.
  5. I'd like to post it on the sites I frequent; but, those girls will never leave you alone! ;)

  6. We know the truth Paws you just don't want to share the ladies. See how you are, and I thought we were freinds. LOL
  7. It's the Banana belt. How are we supposed to compete with that?
  8. Aw shoot Mal, let me share a cute little Montana lady with you:

  9. Now Paws I wouldn't want to take Mars friend from him now.
  10. Hey have you seen a picture of MarS youngest?

  11. Can't say that I have.