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Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by JBSedon, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before. I tend to hate when the same thread comes up over and over, but I cant remember seeing this before.

    How long do you let your cam sit before you check it?

    During rut I only let mine go three days. Right now I let them go for five to seven days. Patience is hard to come by...I have two out on brand new ground and I just placed them yesterday. I want to wait till Thursday or Friday, but I know there are a couple bruisers in there and I know that by Tuesday, Im gonna be having a hard time waiting.

    How long do you?

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  2. I agree, it's hard to wait. I have been going in once a week right now. The less scent and human traffic the better.

  3. once every 7 days
  4. Bawana

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    Depends, I've got two cameras I haven't checked for close to a month, others it's almost once a week or every ten days, If I find a hot looking scrape or rub line I might check it every 3-5 days especially if it's Oct or Nov
  5. It just depends..Time of year,phase of the season,ease of entry an exit etc..
  6. I never check the ones I don't have.

    How was Caesars?

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  7. this time of year every 2 weeks during the rut every 1-4 days
  8. Once every 2_3 wYoueeks right now once every 3_4 das if possible during the rut.
  9. Every 2 weeks before season. During pre rut and rut every 3 to 5 days.
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  10. After the season I check it everytime I go shed hunting so maybe every 1-2 weeks. Every 30 to 60 days during summer. During the season back to 1-2 weeks.
  11. I wish we had the ability to check our cams weekly or even monthly through the off season. But as it stands now we put out cams near the beginning of August and will check them opening weekend or when we hunt for the first time. After that when we are burning the road up hitting the woods every weekend or every other weekend they get checked every visit to the woods. And if when we hunt we typically stay for 3-5 days so if we arrive on Fri I will pull the cards that day and usually pull them as we leave to see what activity we had while we were hunting. It sucks that trail cams are so addictive, even though I know we won't have any big deer on there until late October I'm itching so bad to see whats already on there.
  12. Darron B

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    I check them when I am in the area. During non-hunting months that might be only once a month. When I am hunting, especially during the rut, probably once every week or two. I personally don't like checking them every 3-5 days. Too much intrusion.
  13. X2

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  14. I jumped a dandy buck within 100 yards of my cams last night, so now I am terrified to go in this week at all. Might just wait until Saturday.

    Jericho - we ended up not even shooting. Nobody from Columbus was going to be able to go. I might shoot the river on Friday night. Watching the water levels right now.

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  15. I may be into that. I wanna take the kids camping/hunting, but will have to see what's going on. I should know whatever by Thursday.

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