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Our Youth Hunt Cancelled

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Blueump, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. For the past 3 years the turkey youth hunt has been the weekend that I get to get away with my grandson. We leave right from school and drive down from Northern Michigan on Friday night. We stop half way down and buy our licenses, stopping for gas and dinner as well. We book our motel in Zanesville and go to sleep dreaming about the gobbles we'll hear in the morning. We spend 3 nights, eating all of our meals out, hunting in the mornings and fishing in the evenings. We buy gear, trinkets and presents for those that we leave at home. It's an awesome weekend of bonding and together time.

    I just discovered and was shocked that Ohio has now eliminated the $10 youth non-resident hunting license. Kids have to pay the same as an adult $141.00 to hunt. I am crushed! We never took a turkey in Ohio, we never punched a tag, we just enjoyed the time in the woods together.

    I'm sorry that I have to explain to my grandson that the powers that be decided to gouge the kids and we won't be able to hunt this year. That means no more "tourist money" from me. I usually spend about $1000 by the time our weekend is over: No more! I could see them raising the adult license prices, but just the kids? And by $130? I'll stay home now Ohio, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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  2. i just read in i think the Ohio outdoor news that they changed it back to the same as a resident

  3. Unfortunately Michigan doesn't have a youth turkey hunt. Kids have to enter the draw for a tag just like everyone else. We will definitely hunt here but Ohio made it easy with over the counter tags.
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  4. That would be awesome! Is there a way to verify that?
  5. Sooo let me get this straight youths can not hunt turkeys in Michigan unless they draw a tag?
  6. I agree it’s exspensive. But your last paragraph sorta throws me.. when you talk about the powers to be and then say ya spend a grand...
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  7. You don't even have a youth hunt in your own state, but are whining about the "powers that be" in ours.
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  8. I buy my out of state licenses and tags too. His came from his own pocket. He saved up for this, it was part of his contribution to our weekend. $140 is too steep for a 13 year old hunting for 2 days.
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  9. I agree but if they have to draw a tag I’m sure kids from Ohio do as well. It’s steep. But it’s a guaranteed tag.
  10. I don't necessarily agree with that cost for a youth to hunt but I'm not on board with the complaint. If this is such a big deal to all involved 130 bucks isn't stopping you. Eat less or pack a lunch. Stating you will drop a grand in a weekend really undermines your position. Its not about the money at all. At this point I'm wondering if this is an attention grab or maybe not even a real story.
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  11. If you spend a grand a weekend, why would you let 120 bucks take away a lifetime memory?
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  12. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Its already been fixed guys!! Sounds like it would be worth 140$ not to miss the year if your spending hundreds more anyway but I see your point that's it's too high! Regardless though, id think keepin the tradition and memories alive is worth a hundred and a half. Take his money, throw in yours and don't make the poor boy miss one Ohio opener over an oversight.
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  13. :yeahthat:

    Geeeshhhhh Grandpa...Id really like to go turkey hunting. Well ya got ya there a 141... dollars . Well he.. no grandpa. Okay no problem.....:yikes::woohoo1:
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  14. Yeah I would atleast get my yard mowed tho before we left to go hunting.... lol
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  15. It just amazing how one sided people are on this web sight.Its like as long as it’s not you good let them suck the life out of them we are all hunters and a dying bread at that . Resident non resident we are just hunters but you people act like we are the enemy.and then you wonder why we are losing hunters. We are losing hunts do to other hunters United we stand divided we fall. Very pathetic how you treat other hunters!!!!!
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  16. I
    think the point most are trying to make is this: Michigan has a draw, even for youth. This means if I wanted to take my stepson to hunt Michigan, he has to draw a tag, as do I. Yet you can come to Ohio and buy over the counter tags.
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  17. Ok but what does that have to do with having to come up with $170.50 for a license and permit it’s still a lot for maybe someone that my be retired or just doesn’t have the extra money
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