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Oregon, OH Fishing Report 8/27

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio fishing report' started by rockinmichigan, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. I went to Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon, OH this evening and the fishing wasn't much different then when I went to Sterling State Park in Monroe, MI Saturday morning. In fact, even though I got skunked Saturday morning I still had a couple more bites then I did this evening.
    I got to Maumee Bay State Park a few minutes shy of 6PM armed with waxworms and nightcrawlers. I started out trying a crawler about a foot and a half below a bobber in shallow bobber and let it drift around for a little while, and my heavy action pole cast out about 50 yards also with a crawler. I tried a few different spots deep but got absolutely no bites at all. The bobber did get a couple taps but got more action from what little current there was in the lagoon.
    About 7:15PM I pulled the bobber in and tried waxworms up and down the pier with only one or two bluegill taps. The frustrating thing, to some degree, is that I could see the bluegills, and I could see the bluegills looking at the waxie, but couldn't get them to get too interested.
    About 8PM or so I decided to put the ultra light down and waxworms away and try the medium action pole with another crawler. Again no luck. So when I started having trouble seeing the tips of my poles I decided to call it a night about 8:45PM.