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For those who may be interested in purchasing my book, "The Fish of a Thousand Casts: Tales of Mischief and Mayhem in the Great Outdoors" through mail order, Here is the price and mailing information:

Enclose a Check or Money Order for $20.00 (shipping and handleing are included in that price) and send to:

Steven Hutchins
PO Box 87
Cedar Springs, MI 49319

All copies sold through me are signed. Please include the name that you wish the book to be autographed to! Allow two weeks for delivery.

To find out more about the book, read an excerpt, or order online, go to www.thousandcasts.com.

Also available at www.amazon.com

Here is a brief summary of the book for those who may be interested in purchasing a copy:

"Outdoor writer, Steven Hutchins, and his eclectic cast of characters bring new meaning to chaos and disorder when they take to Michigan's peaceful woods and waters for numerous laugh packed adventures. Join Beef, Wally, The Buckmaster and other assorted miscreants as they find themselves in a variety of hilarious and painful outdoor excursions.

The Fish of a Thousand Casts: Tales of Mischief and Mayhem in the Great Outdoors, features 20 of Steven's humorous, outdoor-related, short stories and is 203 pages of non-stop fun and laughter. Anyone who has ever taken to the outdoors, be it fishing, hunting, camping, etc, will appreciate the situations and blunders that follow this assorted group of misfits.

Chills, spills, mishaps, mudslides, broken bones, brawls, shotgun weddings, mangy deer hides, maniacal fishing guides, libidinous bucks, underwear fish flies and even the appearance of a clumsy old ghost are par for the course in the book that DARES you to find peace and serenity in the great outdoors!"

Written in Michigan for sportsmen and women everywhere!
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