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opinions wanted...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by silverbullet, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Just a little thing to get off my chest here and would like some others opinions on it.
    My wife had put a x-mas present on lay away at a local sporting goods store,she did this so as i would not figure out what it was,so i go out to pick it up after the big day ,i pay of the balance,go to back off the store where i am to pick it up and guess what???They don't have it there,it is gone,no where to be found.I ask them how they could lose it,of course no answer.I ask them to upgrade to next model,no can do they say.
    They off me a whopping 10% discount to wait until they get one in.I tell emm no deal,not happening.I already borrowed a truck to get home today,So i get a full refund and will not shop there anymore.Is this wrong to feel this way?
    Ok i'm done venting.

    (the store was dXXX"s):mad:
  2. I don't think you're wrong.

    I think you should have asked to talk to a manager. (Maybe you did, but didn't say in your post).

    I wouldn't have accepted a refund and said if you sold what I had already purchased (lay-a-way is a purchase, that's why you put money on it), then you get a free upgrade.

    Did you make a scene? I

    I'm not saying embarrass yourself, but did you stand your ground for a bit before you accepted the refund?

    To me it's just the principle of the fact that they gave away something you had already decided to buy.

    Was it Dicks sporting goods?

  3. here's mine

    if it was something that you really wanted now,and didn't want to wait for ,you did probably what i would have done.and i probably wouldn't have been very diplomatic about it.guess that's why my wife doesn't take me shopping with her:rolleyes: .if it was a "i can wait" deal i might have taken the discount.but the fact that it was on layaway makes it their mistake and if you asked for an upgrade there should have been no problem with that if they are a reputable business.if that's the way it came down,i would shop elsewhere in the future,myself.this all depends on one last question.what was the agreement at the time of layaway.most layaway deals have a deadline for pickup and payoff.if you missed it,it's your bad.if not it's their bad.if there was a breech of contract on their part,i think might have to push the issue.if not,all i could do is drop it,like it or not.
  4. that stuff happens alot.a co-worker of mine last year had his kids ENTIRE christmas layaway come up "mis-placed." he figured that a store employee saw it and decided to lay claims on it.
    here's what i've learned about those kind of situations.the bigger the fit you throw about it,the better the results you get.
    remember,your the customer.
  5. Step it up

    I think I'd call or email the corporate offices & let them know what happened & how dissatisfied you are. They might just make an adjustment or something to put a smile on your face.
  6. Happened to me once at Walmart, It was over a Bike for my son.....It was not there when I went to pick it up.....I got the store manager involved, he more or less told me that they were not perfect and things happen and walked away.:mad:
  7. You didn't get nearly ugly enough! You got to get satisfaction or make a scene!! It ain't Burger King(RT) so if you don't make a rukuss you won't have it your way. The money your wife plunked down came out of her bank and real interest and opportunity was lost while someone else was paid interest on her money. You had every right to be upset and demand an immediate upgrade or a refund plus interest. Read over the receipt provided to your wife when she made the purchase and see if the store violated the agreement. If they did you should be entitled to compensation for any money you are out, like gas oil and etc. on the vehicle at a rate of 32 cents per mile , plus lost interest on the deposit. Haul them into small claims court and demand that they pay costs when you win the case.
  8. I had that happen at Walmarts They lost a gun I was getting for my son. I talked to the mgr. and he told me it happens. He tryed to walk away and I got in his face badly and he called every walmart store until he found the gun like the one I put in layaway. The whole time he was on the phone I kept yelling on how sorry he was. He did find the gun in another store and I kept yelling enough he sent an employee to that store to get it and brought it back to that store. I got the gun and didn't even thank the mgr. just told him a mgr. that if he had a backbone and kept track of what was going on this wouldn't have happened at all.:D

    Sorry this set me off.
  9. Thanks for all the reply's.
    I have to admit though, my buddy thought that i was a bit harsh on the manager.he said he thought she was gonna cry.I guess now i take Dick's sporting goods off my places to shop list.