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  1. Looking for opinions on which 2 man ladder stand to buy. My 80 year old hunting partner is not to keen on climbing up in a treestand. We are thinking that if we had a 2 man stand that he would be more confident climbing up and also hunting out of one (he not to keen on heights either) if I was with him. We are looking for a roomy and sturdy stand. What to you all have and how do you like the ones you use? Thanks...
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    For 2 hunters or a 2 man stand for a single hunter?

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  3. We've had a couple. The last one we bought which has been a few years ago is my husband and my favorite. For a single hunter it is just way more comfortable to be in a double stand. There is another double stand on our property that is not comfortable at all (not sure what brand it is). This last one though that I am talking about is very comfortable. It is a Big Game Stand. I can try and find more info about specs and model if you want me too.
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  4. 2 hunters

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  5. Dicks sells a real nice true 2 person stand, they even have a blind kit that you can buy. Never have used it, but looks nice, but a bit pricey,,

    I use a sniper 2 person for just me, and would like it if the seat folded when I wanted to stand for a few.

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  6. We have one of the two man millennium stands with the mesh seat, it's very nice.
    We also have one of the guide gear ones, it's OK but not nearly as nice.
  7. Just offering a idea that’s an alternative, I’d go with a ground blind. At 80 I don’t think I’ll be climbing any trees if I’m lucky enough to be alive. Ground blind let’s ya get away with movement and keeps you out of the elements. Hard to beat a campchair for comfort either. Ease of mobility is another plus. Brushed in good they are deadly.
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  8. I hunk I have a big dog two man stand. I am afraid of heights and love it.

    I built a ground blind a few years ago. My dad was starting to have a more difficult time coping with the weather so I wanted something to get him out of the rain and wind. I was given soem vinyl clad double hung windows that I turned sideways and put in this fall and also insulated it. I have a buddy heater that should keep it nice and toasty for dad. I made it big enough for three guys because my dad, son and I often hunt together. We don't all three sit together but one of us is always with my son, so I wanted it to be big enough for the three of us on the really ugly days. It is also fairly close to my house so my dad doesn't have to walk as far. It is the closest spot to the house where we normally at least see does and often bucks.

    The older I get, the more I hope my son and dad get a deer and the less I care if I get one. No that I don't like to shoot a nice buck, but I am happier if they get one.
  9. He is hunting out of a ground blind now. Problem is he is not seeing any deer. Trailcam at his blind confirms this. He is willing to try the 2 man if it is sturdy and a roomy one. I will be sitting with him and assisting him getting up and down the ladder. Looking for a well made stand, not a cheap one. Thanks for the replies, I will check out the ones mentioned.
  10. I have a muddy outdoors 2 man ladder stand and it’s very well built and comfortable!
  11. The field and stream from Dicks Sporting goods is the most sturdy stand I own, it is heavy and expensive, but doesnt move an inch when you climb it.
  12. I don't think you can get a better more comfortable stand than the millennium as mentioned already. Very good stands.
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    I have been using one with my son over the last few years and this year will be the last. They are just too small for 2 people. He's 5'8'' /120 and I'm 5'11''/180 and with our cold weather gear there is no room to move. Maybe some are wider than others, but you'd' probably be better off building a box blind.
  14. I stopped by Cabela's yesterday and looked at Muddy's The Partner 2 man stand. The problem with treestands is that you can't sit in them to see how you like it, that's why I am relying on all of my fellow OS members. Thanks all for the info and welcome more opinions.
  15. Yep that's the one I linked above. Plenty of room for 2 , plus a very nice padded seat.
  16. +2! Helped a friend of mine put up a 2 man Muddy ladder stand back in August. It's legit. Very roomy and comfortable. I'm looking at buying a Muddy Boss Hawg one man stand due to it's spacious platform and seat. They make great ladder stands.
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  17. Another option to save money is to buy a nice single ladder stand and hang a lock-on next to it...especially if you have an extra lock-on not in use. You could attach a 2-man Lifeline for both of you to connect to.
  18. We buy those big dogs from rko for about $90. Very roomy and has 2 v bars that rest against the tree. Very secure. Weight limit is 500 pounds 2 man stand. I take 2 metal straps with pre drilled holes and fastened over v bar with lags to the tree. Permission needed to screw into tree. It’s my tree. I’ve had one set up as a guinea pig for bout 8 years. I twist on the nuts and bolts and none of them have sheared off yet.