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OK Flatheadmaniac

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by flathunter, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. Lets here what new cattin gear you got for Christmas, something else for me to drool over I presume:eek: :D :D :D
  2. Naw i'll spare

    Plus i dont want Jim to fill up more space on this forum with more of his pics. trying to trump me..LOL..:eek: ;) :D :p

    I did get some really cool stuff these past few months..just thank goodness my wifes a blonde and cant tell the difference between a $40 reel and a $350
    So far ive purchased 6 new reels from Japan.

    I did order two new rods through Fishermans. St. Croix FINALLY started taking orders from dealers for thier new 2003 models...i ordered two rods for the Ohio R......a Premier surf spinning rod(model PSRS116MH2) and a Premier surf casting rod (PSRC120XH2) nicknamed the "Hattera's Heaver" cause its rated for 20-60 lb line and 4-16 oz.
    Next thing(s) on my list to buy is to finish up my carp tackle for fishing the 2003 C.A.G. outtings this season(first ones in April at East Harbor). So far this winter ive purchased two Fox 13ft 100% carbon Rangemaster II rods(rated at 3 lb test curve), a Fox Frontier rod pod kit(includes Fox alarms) and two Okuma Epixor EB50 baitfeeder reels. I still need to buy a shelter for those long trips, which will probably be the new Fox Stalker shelter,if ya ever seen Bob's (rrbski) Fox Evo Evolution Brolly shelter its just like it.
    The great thing about this carp gear is it will also be used for Ohio river cats too . The Shelter will come in mighty handy for those hot sunny dog days of summer, plus those cold nasty rainy days through out the season.

    Is there any new gear your looking at Jack??..or maybe wishing to buy??

  3. I still want a Calcutta, on a St Croix cat rod...Plus I really like the look of that lever drag abu that Jim has.....

    But I will probably have to get buy with what I have for this next years fishing season:( :( :D

    My Wife is a Blond also, but she can tell the difference between a Calcutta and a zebco-33 so I am doomed:eek: :D
  4. well Jack

    I know over the few years ive know ya you have heard me talk a LOT(more than i should sometimes;) ) about "High Dollar" tackle, but those of us in the game know thats its NOT really sure can catch lots of big fish on Abu 6500C3 reels and a nice stout 7-7.5ft rod...BUT(you knew there'd be one of those) i will agree with catmen like Doug Stange that has said...

    "Price is a factor in selecting rods & reels, but often it's not the most important consideration. The more experience you gain, the more you'll appreciate the exquisite feel of a fine rod and reel combination. Good equipment helps make you a better fisherman and with proper care, a few well-selected purchases can provide a lifetime of enjoyment".

    I personally buy the highest quality tackle i can afford, but thats just not in any way saying others should do the same. I have used the junk end of the tackle food chain..and i still caught a lot of good fish..and still would today if i was still using lower quality tackle..i just prefer the more expensive stuff(sorry its an addiction).
    All my fishing buddys have very good tackle..but they look at me when i show up with yet another "new" rod or reel and they say.."man you need".
    Even as much as they love my Calcuttas and would love to have a few for themselfs(wait til they see my new Conquest reels)..they still say..dude im not going to pay that much for a cat reel, no way!...hey to each is own.
    I dont buy stuff to show off(as some think i do), i dont do it to impress anyone...i mean come on..we are CATMEN do or die..who they heck looks up to us anyway?? most species anglers consider us..out-casts and fish for ..dear i say.."Ugly Fish"...that takes no skill to catch(I wont even comment on that here)..hey thats ok, but to in heaven..all i need is a nice quiet spot along the bank of a deep slow moving river with a bucket of live baits and im HAPPY :D
    Thats the reason the name Flathead Maniac was placed on me..Flatheads are my #1 fish..and im a Maniac for ANYTHING to do with FISHING.
  5. forgot..

    Hey Jack, maybe when ya head over to fish with Jim, he'll be nice enough to let ya use one of his half dozen Calcutta 700's that he has on those St. Croix rods??
    Plus hes got like 4 or 5 of those Abu 7000 lever-drags...maybe he'll let ya use one of them?
    That is if your not fishing Ky. or In. water..than he'll probably have 5 or 6 rods out all of them with Calcutta 700's on them and hog them all.:eek: ;) :p :cool:
  6. Hi Scott, Jack, and all of you other kitty catchers,

    I'm glad to see that you have finally gotten a forum just for catfishing. I know that it's been asked for and needed on other sites for a long time.

    You know me, I've always thought it's better to keep all of you guys in one place anyway:D Now if I could just find the lock.:D :D

    Have a great new year guys,
  7. Lundy

    Hehehee......;) Don't need a lock....most are out on weekend pass !!
    Jack, I guess Flats has no idea where the Ohio River runs....all along the KY border. Oh, well....:D
    Sorry, I just get tackle to use, 2 7000C4 & 4 Conquests, no TE 700's I have 6 Quantum Big Cat rods( 2 MH & 4 H) A few St Croix rods too. I'd like to have all St Croix musky rods for them. The Big Cats are real nice, can't knock them. I'm also going to unload a few Quantum big iron reels soon & 2 6500CL3 reels-I have to give my fishing buddies 1st shot at them.
    I actually use the drags on the reels too......;) :rolleyes: :eek:
    Jack, I saw dips new reels on Sunday, that 7500C3 chrome looks cool too !! It's good to have a few backup combos for when you get snagged. We fish some snag holes where it's a given you are going to lose 3 out of 4 of your rigs. So it saves you alot of time re-tieing. You can keep fishing and then tie later.
    You're more than welcome to try any of my tackle when we chase the blues ! If I was given the opportunity to try some first, I would've made some better picks in the beginning. I relied on some mis-information I had read, but then , those guys fish a different style. Big river & big fish, better have a good drag & know how to use it. Back it off as the fish gets closer to the boat too, so they won't pull loose when the line's short & no stretch. I lost some real beaut's last fall, won't happen for the same reason again !!
    Hey, bet you can't wait to ride in that new Carolina Skiff....looks like someone is jumping on the boat bandwagon ??:D :D :D, I'm really laughing now !! ( First the carp bandwagon, now the Boat bandwagon- get it?? Always following my lead :eek: !! Watch out stripers & walleyes !!)
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  8. Mom went a got me a 6500 catfish model! Thanks to Mark at fisherman's for putting her eye on it instead of a regular C3!!!!
    Girl friend got me a $50 gift certificate for Fisherman's also....probably going towards another 6500, I just can't decide which model???????
  9. Cant go wrong with a 6500, good all around catfish reel, I just wish they had a larger line capacity
  10. Use a braided line like Power Pro. Put 30 yards of mono as a backing, blood knot some braid!
  11. BB

    Look into the 6500C4(blue color) then you can get an after market handle ,if you wish? I have both the Gator Grip & the single paddle power handle..both give more crankin power than the stock handle. Im pretty sure i have seen the Gator Grip handle at Fishermans too..behind the surf rods on the east side wall.
    I think the C4 is about $10 more than the C3 and worth the extra money.
  12. Jim

    WALLEYE?..geez us man....i'd rather fish for GAR instead!!
  13. 7000C3

    May as well get a 7000C3 to start with, it has the power handle, and more line capacity to boot. Then maybe that 7500C3 too or my new favorite Abu, the 7000C4 leverdrag.
    the 7000C3 is the one one the far Left, then a 7000 series, a CT700 next, then a 6500C3 2 speed, and the 7000C4 leverdrag.
    Here's the 7000C3
    Here's what it looks like just before you catch a nice fish on the river !!
  14. I was wondering when you'd respond !!

    Yeah, I can see it & Disco Donnie....Garrmen !! You do resemble him when he was younger !;) Get some bellbottoms !!
    Walleyes really do require a skill that takes alot of time to master, even then they're still tough. Just look at the Tourny results....big waters, bad weather, it's only for tough guys. Not like throwing a big rod in a creek on a warm summer night, catfishing. :)

    I love that big garr picture he posts, I bet that thing scared the sweet begeezzus out of him when he saw it. It would scare me, and I'm not afraid of anything ! It could bite your arm or leg off. I bet one of those things could kill a man.
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  15. Jimmy..Jimmy...Jimmy

    Skill to catch Eyes..well yea it takes SKILL to catch just about any fish consistantly...but why would i fish for them? Only place in Ohio to get the big ones is Erie..i dont like Erie, as i fish rivers and streams 99% of the if i go all the way up there im fishing for Smallies if im in a boat..or carp from shore...Robby said it the best about eyes..."like fighting a wet dish rag"..that sums up my thoughts on them exactly. I have caught them to 9 lbs. and didnt find it all that i choose not to fish for them, personal opinion!
    Hey Jim i just noticed in your you EVER clean those scales off of your rods man?

    BB i wouldnt jump to the Abu 7000, i personally dont care for this reel and if you really do love the 6500 series, you'll be let down by the 7000...not even close to the 6500 in smoothness, quality and doesnt hold that much more..for the price its not worth it.
    If you do decide to get a bigger Abu reel, go with the 7000CL "Big Game series, or the 7000B.
    There are still other choices that i prefer that are priced cheaper than the Abu 7000 and hold more line, have instant anti-reverse(the Abu 7000 doesnt:confused: ), have a lot louder clicker and are WAY smoother than the Abu 7000...but again its all in how, what and where you use it..some find it a great reel..others hate it!
  16. FM - if you remember from our late night tackle talks this past summer, you know that I have a thing for exotic Abu's!!!!!!!!

    I still have yet to get that Australian model. The problem is that if I find a reel that I like........having a pair of them would be even better!!! So, that means I need another 4500BTR, International 975, BIG IRON 430(Probably get a 435) and more Fin-Nor spinning reels. Then I'll work on different 6500 models. Being a fisherman can be stressful at times.....too many decisions!
  17. BB

    Yea that Aussie Pro C4 (orange one) is a sweet reel.....along with that Flordia Surf LE model too:D ...lots of decisions...too bad we cant buy them
  18. Abu's

    The 7000CL and the 7500C3 are the SAME reel......the 7500C3 has chrome sideplates.....that's all.;)
    7000C4 leverdrag has instant anti reverse. I just don't see the point of getting a 6500C3 & then upgrading the bearings, drag & handle. You'll have the same $$ in it as the larger reel with more capacity. stuff is for fishing, I don't have time to take them in the shower with me like you do...that sure was a classic post. Maybe I'll link it here so more can enjoy it !!
    If you're going to get that Aussie, better hurry, I think they are discontinued.....
    I know what you mean about needing pairs, that's why I had to get another C4 leverdrag.:)
  19. lever drag

    I still cant get past the girlish purple color...LMMFAO;)

    As for keeping fishing stuff clean..I personally got too much money in my gear to mistreat it..but thats just me!
  20. Purple ?

    Purple is the historical color of kings. Did you never read the bible ? Only kings wore purple.
    Might be girlish to you, but it catches man sized fish ;)
    That's a 30# + bluecat, one of 3 fish over 30# (35") that day. What was you best day in 2002 ? I can't decide, for numbers of big fish, it was Oct 31, for big fish, it was Nov 10th when I caught the 62# fish.

    Where's all those big flatheads you caught this year on your new TE & Conquest....yeah( I heard). Hey, 20# fish are good too. ;)
    I clean my equiptment, but I catch fish with it too. :cool: Can't worry about a few baitscales when there's big fish to catch.

    Did you get that Carolina Skiff ordered yet? There's a few on the river with them. They like them too. Nice boats, can't wait to see how you outfit it. They can sure carry a big bait tank too.
    You might want to consider a walkthru split windshield. There's a real advantage in inclement weather (rain/snow/sleet) I wish I had got one now. You can get those bimini tops that snap right onto the windshield. I'm sure you'll get a nice one, all their boats are nice.
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