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Ok catfishermen

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I am a die hard river and creek Catfisherman, However there is certain times of the year especially spring when high water keeps me from my spots..This is when I try the lake thing for Cats, and my results have been horrible to say the least...Any tips on locating Channel and Flathead Cats in lakes, and while fishing from the Bank????
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Good advice dip

Sometimes I thought of trying the picnic shelters, but I'll stick with the water now.
Jack, I fish the river, but I target the same areas that walleyes would like. When in the lakes, I've sure got my share of cats on crankbaits while trolling for walleyes.....at 3 MPH !! That tells me, they like similar food shelfs, they both hang near the bottom. Lake Erie is the only place the eyes suspend, otherwise, look on the bottom. I know a guy who fished the wooded areas for eaters there (Brookville) and fishes at night. The run up into the creeks for the bait too. I've heard of some nice flats caught at CC in the feeder creeks.
I really believe they haunt the same areas as walleyes. They can be deep, or shallow, night feeders, etc. Edges...dropoffs, transition areas, wooded areas, etc.
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