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    This was one great season for many o.s. members!! Some really beautiful bucks were put on the ground this year and I'm not sure about before I joined, but since I have, I have not seen so many bucks entered in the grand prize contest!! Give yourselves another round of applause!! We had many guys who made food plots, had trail cam pics of their bucks, even footage on one as well!! We even had a great public land buck entered!! These were truly great stories and really inspiring stuff, thank you all for sharing them with us!! So without further hesitation!!!

    The winner of the the free shoulder mount from Black Creek Taxidermy and crowned Ohiosportsman.com Buck and Hunter of the Year is...........






    He planted food plots at his cabin and had great bucks on cam!! Found disappointing carcasses from ehd infected bucks that made this season forecast look grim!! Then tragedy happened again!! What was really special about his season was the fact that he lost his father in law but forced himself to stay the course for his memory!! He harvested the big buck, that they had been watching, from Ed's stand and that just put it all over the top!!! Congrats DABUCKMASTER2 AND HAVE FUN HUNTING IN HEAVEN ED!!!



    This was a super hard decision but it was a unanimous one!! Getting this story in early made it hard to ignore when the time came!! A story of loss, perseverance, and success!!! Great story and buck!! I will be p.m.ing you with the details on how to get your buck to Heath!!! I want to stress all of these hunts entered were great and I appreciate you sharing them with us!! You should all be proud of your seasons and we appreciate you sharing your in depth stories with us here at Ohiosportsman!!!

    Thank you Heath, at Black Creek Taxidermy for sponsoring our grand prize!!! Good stuff!!! Good stuff!!

    Thanks for a great season guys, remember take a youth hunting, identify your targets, be safe, and once again thank you Deehntr56 for all you do here!!! Thanks guys!!!

    Bryan Six
  2. Congratulations Dabuckmaster2! :bowdown: You Da Man:bouncy:

  3. Congratulations Dabuckmaster2. Loved hearing your story. Thanks again to B6 for running an awesome contest .
  4. Guys, I just saw this. I want to thank you all very much! This was definitely a year to remember, I'm glad I'll have him on the wall as a way of remembering Ed. Thanks for all of your kind comments
  5. Congrats dabuckmaster on a great season and story!
  6. Congrats!!! Well deserved!
  7. Congrats Dabuckmaster2! Heath will hook you up!
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