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Featured Ohiosporstman Whitetail season in review

Discussion in 'BlueDogs Blog' started by Bryan six, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Mod

    A shrine dedicated to an avid morrel mushroom hunter on public land in Athens county

    I would just like to take this chance for all of to look back at our Whitetails season and reflect! Use this thread to give us a short sum up of your 2017-2018 Ohio deer season! Don't forget to add pics as well!!

    My season was planned a bit different this year!! In the years past I would have bow hunted hard! I wanted to try a different approach and use the one week long gun season to try to get on a buck that everyone else around me was hunting!! It worked, I stayed out of the treestand this year and waited until the time was right and on the last day of deer gun, I harvested the buck that nobody could kill!!


    I spent the first three days hunting with the group from Cleveland and my family! I was impressed to see that the does had rebounded in one of our public hunting places and many other hunters spots around Ohio!! A sigh of relief!! A few Whitetails and the trip North to Cleveland this year to fill the freezers of my friends! So that was good! I finally talked a long time friend into hunting with us and we thought outside the box and was able to be successful in one of his old stomping grounds!! The photo at the top is a memorial that we found on Wednesday of gun season in a state park!! Pretty cool idea!! We rested there, said a prayer for the old morrel hunter, and finished the day successful!!!

    So to sum it up, I'm seriously considering spending less time bowhunting and more time working for ways to make our gun week more successful like this year!! That is more mature bucks and does on the ground!! One last thought, just to share, you can put up as many no trespassing signs as you want, but it doesn't help save your bucks when the whitetails cross the road onto land that I have written permission to hunt!! ;)


    So let's hear it, regardless if you love traditional, compound bows, crossbows, handguns, rifles, shotguns, atlatels, or even the old smoke pole for harvesting deer, let's hear your season in a wrap!!! Share your thoughts and show us your favorite season pictures!!!

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  2. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Mod

    Let's hear it guys and gals!! How was your season??

  3. Good write up and very nice buck you got there! Sounds like your new passion is the comradery of the hunt. When I was younger, that was a very important part of the hunt...but as I got older and became more interested in harvesting mature bucks, I got away from that. I’ve got to admit that I do miss it. Maybe I can find a middle ground and still put in the time needed to get a mature buck, but still come back to a camp and compare notes with my friends and hear their stories about the days events.
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  4. 8B8AA938-3568-42CA-BCB7-223D17FFF3B6.jpeg E976E2FF-CB65-4F63-A487-485D8210EBAE.jpeg My hunt in Ohio this year was very short but rewarding. Most years I spend over 100 hours on stand before I get an opportunity at a buck that I want. This years hunt only lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Saw a lot of does and two smaller bucks chasing before this nice 9 pointer came in. Took me longer to check it in, field dress it, take pictures, get him out of the woods and to the butcher than the hunt itself lasted. Probably won’t have many seasons like that again. Spent a lot of hours on stand here in my home state of NJ but didn’t see anything that I wanted to shoot. I do learn a lot just watching the deer so it’s not a waste of time. The more I learn, the better hunter I become, and I’d rather be in a stand than at work. Can’t wait to see what next year brings. Here’s looking forward to shed hunting and turkey season.
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  5. Best season I've had in 16yrs of doing this! All made possible by the most selfless person I've ever known. Mr. Sqack killer!

    I have shot a couple with a shotgun/ML/Rifle and wanted to bag one with a bow (preferably my compound) but I ran into some tuning issues right before season so left it alone cause of no time to practice, new Marlin 45-70 and the ML but either the deer were too far or no shot but the week of gun week and the weekend of gun week it seemed like everything wanted to come into bow range (go figure)! Blasted a big 140lbs dressed doe about 60yards with the new rifle and a home brew 300gr Hornady JHP doing around 1800fps and said well now try and shoot something with the bow but another invite with sqack got me a 12pt (13 but broke it off) Non typical at a hair over 100yards with the new rifle and home brew 300gr JHP @1800fps so I then said the heck with the bow ill just gun hunt and took the 3rd doe and filled my final tag with a 300gr Hornady JHP from the ML with a dose of 100gr BH209 at about 75yards.

    Come April ill be putting some miles on the car and knocking on every door I think will say yes and then its going to be the weapons slam come October. One deer with a compound, one with crossbow and one with a rifle.
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